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He should at least have some personal space ya know? but until then please SHUT UP ABOUT KNOWING HIM AND HIS GIRLFRIEND AND IF A GIRL AT YOUR SCHOOL SAYS SHE KNOWS HIM SHE'S PRETTY MUCH LYING !!!!!!!! and I'm sure if he saw this site, he'd be backing away from you guys in person, not willing to give you creepers freaking hugs and autographs. Yours truly, Pissed of Australian So, its obvious that many of you are creeps and liars.

Weather he does or doesn't have a girlfriend why does it matter? I mean seriously i know he's hot but I'm pretty sure he has a lot more great qualities that you could learn about if you knew him or if some how in weird strike of magic comes and you meet him. And just for the hell of it I'm gonna say it annoys people as well so how bout you shut your arrogant mouth and keep your unwanted posts out of it i mean it wasn't even necessary!! S Just cause she's from Australia doesn't mean she's ugly ( assuming she actually exists) cause news flash MISS UNIVERSE CAME FROM AUSTRALIA!

yea I know but, its kinda hard to believe something that pother think its impossible!! And yeah i THINK hes single its what this interview of him said, but things can change..... One person says Samantha Boscarino and another says Selena Gomez. No offense but its kinda sad, loads of people have said it over and over again. Maybe some are but obviously it's quite hard to believe but nobody knows.

I have good connections and stuff and my best friend's dad works for warner bro's and stuff so my best friend is really tight with boo boo!! I'm sure a lot of us wanna date him, but i think a lot of us have different reasons to wanting to date him? But you can't ever trust those unless it comes straight from his mouth. at this time he did not want to start relationships as fully resolved to plunge into work. It would be nice if Boo Boo did have a girlfriend, cute really but I don't think people should keep saying things like they are because its not like we own him. I'm not saying you do or don't, I'm just saying Boo Boo Stewart is probably really tired of people saying they know him and he doesn't really give a dam who you are. If you're his fan and you don't believe him when he says he is single then you got something wrong with you.

I don't think that he would lie, He doesn't seem like that type of guy. its not like your gonna meet him and start dating him. I'm sure he wishes he had time for his fans , but he obviously doesn't. You're making him look bad and many of his fans wouldn't like that. but I know that because of his career taking off with the singing and acting, he doesn't have time to have a girlfriend or even pay attention to a relationship right now.

you DUMB NUT you know i really dont think he has a girlfriend. why do you people even want to know if he has a girlfriend. You all say you know him, but the real truth is that you know him from watching him on the television or movie screen. and for those of you who are making up random rumors about him dating different people, stop it.

its not like your gonna meet him and start dating him. i think this is sort of funny, yeah people say they know him and are close, maybe some are but i don't see how by someone saying that can annoy someone else.......? so please do all of us booboo fans a favor and stop this s*** right now. But I live in Estonia aka North Europe so i have 0% of meeting Boo Boo Stewart. Do people honestly have to make up lies that Boo Boo is dating people they know in their school or their best friend or something?? I don't think that Boo Boo is dating because he's always looks really busy but nobody knows. we should be happy for him and keep out of it, personally I think he has a right to keep it quite, with all mad fans who claim they are his best bud. why do you people even want to know if he has a girlfriend. Also, why don't you post a pic of you and him since some of you said you've known him since you guys were young. so stop spreading and making up all of these rumors. The only people that are said to REALLY know him are his sisters. At least most of his fans live in the USA and they got the chance to met him. Give us facts that we NEVER knew and don't make it up. It's not like your gonna meet him and start dating him. But why to you care to know if he has a girlfriend? I showed him this website last night and he was like whoa?!?!?! lmfao, wow, you guys are losers, saying you know him. for those of you who say that you personally know him, why don't you prove it to us. Why do you people even want to know if he has a girlfriend. Like seriously does the whole effing world know him?? God He does have a girlfriend, they have been together for about a year and a couple of months. and how many people know the girls in their school that our dating him!? Btw, where can i see the interview where he says he's not dating? I'M pretty sure that boo boo doesn't have a girlfriend and if he does i understand why he wouldn't tell the whole world guys are going INSANE!! And girls i know you have feelings for him or you're completely gone loco for a guy you don't even know and probably never even met besides through your computers. but i wouldn't cry and scream and hug him as soon as i saw him. the screaming, the staring, the occasional paparazzi hiding behind that fake palm tree in the mall with a bush on his head. I'm assuming you're not from Australia so guess what buddy YOU HAVE AN ACCENT TOO!!

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Those who are saying they know boo boo how can we be sure you ain't lying??? Oh and to everyone who knows a girl who's 'dating' him get a life will you??? I won't give out the name, because there are too much stalkers in the world, too much judgment, and criticism and I'm sure that his gf would want a lot of space. I cant stop thinking about him, seriously, and i hope hes not dating.. to be truly honest i would treat him like a person if i met him. He could get like anyone he wants so he'd TOTALLY go for a random probably fugly chick with an ugly accent! He is a guy that probably all the people on this stupid thread probably won't ever get to meet but that doesn't give you the right to dump on other peoples culture!!

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