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The birth of every baby panda in captivity is celebrated because of the conservation status of pandas.About half of all panda births results in twins, but usually only one of the cubs survives into adulthood.When pandas reach two years of age, they weigh around 100 pounds and will start to live on their own, without their mother.Learn more about adult pandas on our Wolong Grove Panda Cam.The dragon was mesmerized by the valley and decided the take a nap there, and never woke up because it was so peaceful.The valley became known has Wolong, which translates to “Sleeping Dragon” in Chinese.

They feed on the mother pandas milk up to 15 times a day, for around 30 minutes each time.

The original center was severely damaged in a 2008 earthquake and a new center recently opened in Gengda.

Two weeks after birth, the baby panda's skin turns from pink to grey, and at around 4 weeks after birth, the panda cubs develop black and white fur.

Baby pandas will continue to nurse for up to a year after birth, but can begin to eat small bamboo shoots around 6 months after birth.

The panda cam you’re watching shows baby pandas in the Happiness Village yard, named in honor of Xingfucun, one of many villages devastated in a 2008 earthquake.

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About the Panda Center A local legend tells of a giant dragon that wandered into a beautiful and lush valley.

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