Group mature chat rooms x

Group mature chat rooms x

Clint: You better keep your face-hole shut you Hocus-Pocus Catastrophe(Mod.) [y/n]: Ooh, Clint's using big words now, better back down Loki x DSinister Christmas Tree: Oh dear, I'm shaking in my boots.(Admin.) Tony: *fairy princess shoes Sinister Christmas Tree: First I'm a Queen, now I'm a Princess. -TSI'M BEING CHASED BY THE HULK WHAT DO YOU MEAN CRISIS AVERTED!?

You humans need to make up your minds; am I the mother or the daughter?

(Mod.) [y/n]: A lot of the very expensive kind(Admin.) Tony: [S]he's not lying i was there for like an hour loooool Point Blank: WHY ARE YOU ALL PARTICIPATING IN THE DISCUSSION OF UNDERGARMENTSClint: i just choked on my water thanks guys Clint: oh hey Thor(Mod.) [y/n]: Hey Thor! (Admin.) Tony: yes(Mod.) [y/n]: Clint don't headdesk it draws attention to you and we'll get caught damn it(Admin.) Tony has renamed (User) Point Blank to "Whack-a-mole"(Mod.) [y/n]: ... Come get me big boy ; ) -TSYou're so gay and you don't even like boys.

(Admin.) Tony: 'Sup Whack-a-mole(Mod.) [y/n]: Whack-a-mole? Clint: omfg(Admin.) Tony: and let the nickname games Whack-a-mole: WHAT IS A WHACK-A-MOLE(Admin.) Tony: begin(Admin.) Tony: oh(Mod.) [y/n]: Oh Thor you sweet clueless little thing Clint: WHOA WHOA WHOAClint: LOW BLOW [Y/N] LOW BLOW(Admin.) Tony: WOW EVEN MY MASCULINITY JUST TOOK A BEATING(Mod.) [y/n]: Tony don't lie that barely even registered for you(Mod.) [y/n]: plus I'm pretty sure you had a vagina to begin with(Admin.) Tony: that insult doesnt effect me bc im 100% confident with my manliness and my manliness(Admin.) Tony: how do u think i get so many women Clint: omg(Mod.) [y/n]: prove it Clint: OMG [Y/N]Clint: IF I SEE HIS JUNK I'M GONNA NECK MYSELFWhack-a-mole: I HAVE BEEN CONVERSING WITH MY BROTHER AND HAVE SENT HIM THE LINK(Admin.) Tony: ok but remember u asked 4 it(Admin.) Tony: THOR NOClint: QUICK ADD A FUCKING PASSWORD(User) Loki Laufeyson has joined(Mod.) [y/n]: Too late(Admin.) Tony: aw dicks Loki Laufeyson: What is it that my brother has invited me to this conversational room for, mortals? -SR(Name), stop letting Cap listen to Katy Perry -NRI kissed a girl... -TSFIN Avengers Chatroom (Avengers XReader)(Y/n) has logged on. Natasha has logged on.‘Hey Clintasha – Tony’‘I will hunt you down and kill you – Natasha’‘I ship it – YN’‘So do I – Clint’‘CLINT! Nat does have a rockin body - (Y/n)''Amen - Clint''Please tell me you like girls and would be open to a threesome (Y/n)?

Clint: I HOPE YOU SIT ON YOUR HELMET YOU FUCKIN WALKING FRIDGELoki Laufeyson: Oh no, you wish ill of me, I guess I must throw myself off of this pathetic excuse of a balcony I am currently standing on! I am a God.(Admin.) Tony has renamed (User) Loki Laufeyson to "Reindeer Games"(Mod.) [y/n] cackles Clint high fives Tony(Mod.) [y/n]: No wait I've got a better one(Admin.) Tony high fives Clint(Mod.) [y/n] has renamed (User) Reindeer Games to "Sinister Christmas Tree"(Mod.) [y/n] cackles louder Sinister Christmas Tree: ...(Admin.) Tony: THOR HOLD THE LAUGHTER IN MAN(Mod.) [y/n]: Whattaya mean Thor? Tony has logged on.‘Hello darling – Tony’‘Don’t call me that – YN’‘You know you like it ; D – Tony’Thor has logged on.‘HELLO BROTHER ANTHONY AND SISTER (Y/N)! Lower case letters – YN’‘Sorry – Thor’‘Hey how come he gets a nickname? – Natasha’‘Sorry :/ - Clint’‘Hello brother Barton and sister Widow – Thor’‘Hey big guy – Clint’‘Hello Thor – Natasha’Steve has logged on.‘Hol Avengers Chatroom 2 (Avengers XReader)(Y/n) has started a chatroom Tony has logged on Clint has logged on'Uggh Fury makes me want to shoot myself in these meetings! I'm so bored it's not even funny anymore - (Y/n)''Why is Natasha glaring at me? - Tony''I'm bi and yep just not with you - (Y/n)''Apply cold water to burned area - Clint'Bruce has logged on Bruce has changed his name to The Booty'............. - Tony''Nice one (Y/n) - Clint''Please change it back - The Booty''Nope - (Y/n)'Loki has logged on Thor has logged on'HELLO BROTHERS AND SISTER! - (Y/n)''Apologies - Thor' Avengers Chatroom - 6 (Avengers x Reader)Tony has logged on.

(Admin.) Tony: excuse me i am the sassy one here(Admin.) Tony: u r stealing my spot light and i do not appreciate it(Mod.) [y/n]: Woah woah woah Loki Laufeyson: Oh dear, excuse me for not bowing to the whims of an insecure manchild.(Mod.) [y/n]: LOKI IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DRAMA QUEEN I WILL TAKE ACTIONLoki Laufeyson: Sometimes you mortals make absolutely no sense. Look at Clint omfg(Admin.) Tony: Woah hes redder than the time i caught him looking through Nats underwear drawer on camera Clint: you what(Mod.) [y/n]: WHAT(Admin.) Tony: Wow ive never seen any1 go from red 2 pale so quickly Sinister Christmas Tree: Well isn't this just the most interesting tidbit? -(Y/I)#_#_#_#_#_#_#_#_#I'm going to murder the person who invented smack cam. - Tony''Me and (Y/n) pranked her and blamed it on you - Clint''WHAT?! - Thor''Damit Thor what have we said about caps lock?!

Whack-a-mole: AT THIS POINT IN TIME I AM NOT SURE, AND THAT MAKES ME UNEASY.(Admin.) Tony: but all freaking out aside im so using that line(Mod.) [y/n]: God damn it Tony Clint: I saw that(Mod.) [y/n]: no you didn't(Admin.) Tony: saw what??? - Avengers Group Texts 3Okay, who showed Clint Fall Out Boy? - (Y/I)He's been blasting it through the tower all freaking day! Find More Art Daily Deviations Critiques Critiqueable=2) ? Tony: JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRLTony: LIVING IN A LONELY WORLDTony: SHE TOOK THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN GOING ANYWHERENatasha: Oh god, is he drunk again? Just bored.(y/n) has logged on.(y/n): Hey, I think I have a little bit of a problem here... Those shits kept coming every 10 minutes during my missions - CBI thought those went extinct or something - NRLol hi nat - (Y/I)Hey babe - NRI ship it - TS0///0 - SRYou would - (Y/I)Wait when did you get here steve? take a p Avengers Chatroom - 8 (Avengers x Reader)Tony has logged on. (window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.width+'x'+window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.height) :(screen.width+'x'+screen.height)); this.remove Attribute('onclick')" class="mi" (Mod.) [y/n] has re-activated chat room 'ERVERNGERS'(Admin.) Tony has joined(User) Clint has joined(Admin.) Tony: TONY IS IN DA CHAAAATClint: [y/n] you lil rebel, starting this in the middle of a meeting(Admin.) Tony: & THE CLITORIS DROPS FROM THE VENTS, OH NO WHY ARE BODY PARTS DROPPING FROM UP THERE(Mod.) [y/n]: TONY NO I'M GOING TO LAUGH AND WE'RE GOING TO GET CAUGHTClint: hey [y/n] can you duck your head a little bit(Mod.) [y/n]: Sure, why? Clint: There was a very beautiful typo there that screwed up your name completely(Mod.) [y/n]: Shut up Clint Clint: so many typos that your name was unrecognisable(Mod.) [y/n]: I swear to god if you start this again Clint: You know what it was? - TSShes a shield spy what did you expect - PCWhat in Odins name have I come across 0_0 - LLOmg Loki join the party - (Y/I)No brother don skenroqkd ndixjwn soxj - TOWhat? Come on over Loki - SRThere better be pudding - LL... (Mod.) [y/n]: CLINT OMFGGGG(Admin.) Tony: DID U JUST THROW A PAPER BALL AT MEClint: yes I did Clint: what're you gonna do about it tin can(Mod.) [y/n]: TONY NO SPIT BALLS(Admin.) Tony: 2 late im doin it(Mod.) [y/n]: NO TONY NAT IS NEXT TO CLINT DON'T RISK ITClint: DO IT TONY I DARE YOUClint: Looks like somebody missed and hit somebody else by accident(Admin.) Tony: U DUCKED U CHEATER(Admin.) Tony: [Y/N] HELP NATS GONNA MURDER ME(Mod.) [y/n]: Lolno(Admin.) Tony: BUT(Mod.) [y/n]: I warned you(Mod.) [y/n]: You knew perfectly well this could lead to your funeral(User) Natasha has joined(Mod.) [y/n]: It's your ass that's gonna get fried(Mod.) [y/n]: Speak of the Devil and (s)he shall arrive Clint: Here she is to send your ass to hell(Admin.) Tony: uh u H UH(Admin.) Tony: SPIDERWOMAN I SWEAR I CN EXPLAINNatasha: tony I swear if we weren't in a meeting right now Clint: That means you're gonna get your ass handed to you on a silver platter as soon as you leave the meeting room(Admin.) Tony: fuq(Mod.) [y/n]: Nat, make him suffer. Clint: YESSSSSSSSSSNatasha: will do(Admin.) Tony: WHAT NO(User) Natasha has left(Admin.) Tony: [Y/N] WTF DO U REALISE WHAT U'VE DOOOOONEClint: LOOOOOL(Admin.) Tony: THIS ISN'T FAIR I ONLY JUST RECOVERED FROM MY NIGHTMARES OF NAT NOW LOOK WHAT U'VE DONE(Mod.) [y/n]: GOOD I HOPE YOU SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME(Admin.) Tony: Ok so ur still angry from last week I get it bu T U R GONNA GET ME KILLED HERE(Admin.) Tony: DO U EVEN CARE(Mod.) [y/n]: NOPE. (Admin.) Tony: our prank war mightve gotten a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit outa hand Clint: a little bit how(Mod.) [y/n]: YOU MELTED CHOCOLATE IN EVERY PAIR OF UNDERWEAR I OWNED TONY(Mod.) [y/n]: THAT'S MORE THAN A LITTLE BITClint: OMFGGGGG(Admin.) Tony: BUT AFTER THAT U REPLACED ALL MY SHIRTS WITH "I LOVE ANAL FISTING" HOODIES ISNT THAT REVENGE ENOUGH(Mod.) [y/n]: NOClint: I'm gonna poop from tryna hold my laughter in LOOOOOOL(Mod.) [y/n]: THOSE WERE EXPENSIVE TONY(Mod.) [y/n]: IT WAS EXPENSIVE UNDERWEAR AND YOU RUINED IT(Mod.) [y/n]: DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SPENT ON THAT UNDERWEAR?

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