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If you’re really into this principle, change your tastes to like things that she’s predisposed to like in accordance with her current interests; this way you can be new and exciting without actually having to do anything new and exciting.Try and think of this as broadening your cultural horizons. STEP 2- THOROUGHLY RESEARCH HER FAMILY The police haven’t done shit to control stalking women; it’s just a lot easier now.Things that, years ago, you would have learned five or six dates in, are now but a cursor click away.My Mother (bless her heart) sure as fuck didn’t graduate from Yale, but if I know one of your parents did, then maybe I’m going to get my degree in telling lies, and graduate summa cum laude, with a minor in bullshit.Most girls think that when they post song lyrics, music, and movie clips they like online, they’re expressing some sort of personal conviction, or deep-rooted personal preference.

Not is this in any way a knock against waiting around 7-11 and round dial telephones, nor is it a salutation to godforsaken means of communication such as the postal system.It’s a lethal mixture, knowing about someone excessively, but still not caring whether you ever see them again or whether you hurt their feelings.If a girl is an animal person, a vegetarian, a vegan, etc.Since the average female attention span/mental capacity is approximately seventy-six words of text, I’ve already loaded the front-end of this article enough that the knowledge I’m about to deliver will be read by a strictly male audience.STEP 1-LIKE SHIT SHE LIKES If you ever actually manage to enter a relationship with a girl, she’s going to decide what you like for you anyways, so it’s probably best to get a head start on it now— as to increase your chances of said relationship being with a more attractive woman.

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I dare you NOT to find evidence of it online (word of advice— if her profile picture is a horse, her on a horse, or her performing fellatio on a horse, she probably likes horses.

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    This triggers even more upheaval when the slightly unhinged imaginary friend she created as an only child suddenly reappears in her life to help her navigate the transition from single girl to a woman ready for a family.

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    There’s no need to worry if the woman of your dreams lives across an entire ocean oversea as she is literally only a click of the mouse away!

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