Inserting updating records using pl sql cursor Andrha sex chat live free

Inserting updating records using pl sql cursor

I am trying to use C# together with My SQL but so far all I have been able to do is to view records from my database.

When I try to insert, update or delete records I am unable to do so and I am sure it is a problem in my syntax.

But, I think that an approache using a recordset "in" or "in out" parameter will be a good solution in some cases: We can create a recordset (obj Rs) using Excel macro, get all data in a predefined range, and send it to Oracle.

Samples for doing it can be found in the link below: didn't see any solution using command "in" parameter like:set parm= obj Command.

I'd appreciate your comments or an alternative solution. I'm using CLOB parse implementation to get it solved.

I am new to this forum and C# so please bear with me.

Command Text = "UPDATE users SET " + "(username = @username, password = @password, active = @active, level = @level)" + "WHERE user_id = @user_id"; Add Params(data Adapter. Delete Command, "user_id"); } private void Add Params(My Sql Command cmd, params string[] cols) { //Adding parameter to SQL Commands (PROBLEM AREA!!

Insert Command, "user_id", "username", "password", "active", "level"); //Preparing UPDATE SQL Command data Adapter.

Command Text = "INSERT INTO users " + "(username, password, active, level)" + "VALUES (@username, @password, @active, @level)"; Add Params(data Adapter. Update Command, "user_id", "username", "password", "active", "level"); //Preparing DELETE SQL Command data Adapter.

I don't have the errors I get when I try to perform the aforementioned actions but I hope with the code below someone can help me out.... C# Program Code --------------------- using System;using System.

Text = (curr Record + 1) + " Out of " + (total Record) + " Records."; btnnext.

Forms;namespace Data_Access{ public partial class Data Access : Form { //Private Global Members to be used in various methods private My Sql Connection conn; private My Sql Data Adapter data Adapter; private Data Table datatable; private Data Set ds; private int curr Record = 0; private int total Record = 0; private bool insert Selected; private string msg; private Data Row row; public Data Access() { Initialize Component(); } private void btnloadtable_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { this. Wait Cursor; //Hourglass //Connection String for My SQL conn = new My Sql Connection("server=localhost;database=clarify;uid=root;password=;"); //Command String string commandstring = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE = 1"; //Data Adapter - Stores the Command String & the Connection data Adapter = new My Sql Data Adapter(commandstring, conn); //Connnects to database when asked //Dataset - local container of data ds = new Data Set(); //Storing the result of the query data Adapter. Tables["users"]; curr Record = 0; //Count Records in the Table total Record = datatable. Count; Fill Controls(); //Show current record on the form Initialize Commands(); //Prepare commands for Insert, Update & Delete Togglecontrols(true); //Enable corresponding controls this. Default; //Returns default cursor //Show Number of Records lblrecord.

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Enabled = true; } private void Initialize Commands() { //Preparing INSERT SQL Command data Adapter.

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