Intelligent design carbon dating

Its proponents tell us that gaps in our knowledge of how living organisms evolved vitiate the theory of evolution.

Might we conclude, then, that the cancer cell and its evolution are so complex that a creative designer must be the cause of cancer?

(An intelligent student might ask why the designer made mitochondria in the first place.) Moreover, the confusion between faith and science at the highest levels of public education can hardly be an asset to the pool of applicants to medical schools and graduate schools in the sciences.

Detractors of the theory of evolution contend that there are too many holes in it: it is inconsistent with the fossil record, they say, and it fails to fully account for what we see today in the living world.Worse, it cannot tell us about the meaning of life...But if the designer created cancer, is it against the hidden hand's will to find a cure for cancer?Is it in accord with the plan of the intelligent designer to receive a treatment for cancer?NEW YORK, 22 October 2005— The intensifying and already heated debate over Intelligent Design has become a significant issue and media topic in the United States in part because the movement to teach intelligent design in schools has spread from elementary public schools to the highest levels of the academic community. In part, it evolved from creationism, which takes the Genesis story of creation literally.

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Schwartz, a deputy editor of To understand why intelligent design constitutes an insidious menace to medicine, it is helpful to trace its roots.

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