Inter racial dating nyc

Inter racial dating nyc

II) 1976-80 Losing Alexandria 1981-87 is the year that the Supreme Court strikes down segregation on public buses.It is also the year that Alabama outlaws the NAACP, and in Clinton, Tenn.When My World Was Young 1956-60 The Yellow Brick Road 1956-60 What a Wonderful Town 1960-61 Wonderful Town (pt.II) 1962-66 The Gay Sixties 1966-70 The Juicy Life 1971-76 Juicy Life (pt.I went to Syracuse University, located in the city of Syracuse on one of the Finger Lakes in central New York State. was nominally a Methodist school, but there were a large number of Jewish students, while Catholics were the smallest group.) There was also a not unusual divide between those students who came from small towns or rural areas and those from the metropolises and suburbs of the Northeast.The city had a population of 220,000, and the university had a combined undergrad-grad enrollment of about 12,000 as I recall. Tensions tended to shape up along religious lines between Christians and Jews, or Protestants and Jews against Catholics. (Most of the Jewish students fell into the latter category.) The Greek fraternity/sorority system was a dominant presence in campus life, and Greek houses were almost always either exclusively Christian or Jewish (and for many the exclusivity was part of their written charter.) Independents (those who did not belong to a fraternity/sorority) may have actually been a majority, I can't remember.There was a passionate struggle among the Greek houses for control of student politics and organizations, but in my experience Independents didn't give a shit about their jockeying to be King of the Mountain.

Autherine Lucy, a black girl, enrolled in the University of Alabama and her attempt to attend precipitates riots that rivet the attention of the entire country.

I found out real fast from my roommate that if you were the slightest bit cool you did not listen to R&B/R&R, you listened to jazz.

(I should have thought, Ivy League, Shmivy League - What can he know about music, he comes from somewhere in the armpit of New Hampshire.) You did not get too friendly with Jews.

(My best friend in high school had been one of the three Jews in our school.

My roommate is this incredibly good looking, polished guy with all the right Ivy League clothes, and an older brother, a senior, who was in the best fraternity on campus; across the hall is a Marlon Brando look-alike who lifts weights; next to him is this Italian macho jock whose body looks like he modeled for the Farnese Hercules..on it went.

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Or so it seemed because my roommate became the guy everyone wanted to know, plus he got a steady stream of his brother's fraternity brothers as visitors. Of course I was probably surrounded by other guys who were feeling pretty much the same way I was, but when you're chewing your finger nails to the bone and sitting there feeling like it was high school gym class twenty-four hours a day, who gets beyond me-me-me?

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