Is behkuh still dating hotshotgg Seattle live xxx chat

Is behkuh still dating hotshotgg

If you're actually friends and know someone has a crush on you you don't make out with others in front of them. But she has no obligations to Chaox, if she's that easy that she made out with three dudes and potentially did more than make out with Hotshot then she obviously wasn't interested in Chaox outside of a friendship (that or chaox is clueless in regards to women).

I'm much more interested in what happened with hotshot though lol. I think the biggest issue here is Hotshot being a cheater.

Although this rumor was very probably not true Riot decided to change the seeding up due to both this rumor and the fact that EG's Dan Dinh and TSM's Reginald were brothers.Hotshot GG of CLG complained that the new seedings were unfair because while EG was the #7 seed they were probably the 3rd strongest team at the tournament and they didn't find it fair that they'd have to play such a strong team while TSM got an essentially "free ride without EG." The internet was outraged, CLG fans were made at Riot and TSM fans were calling Hotshot and CLG drama queens. Also, this talk about becca/chaox is full of double standards/sexism.From what I understand, they were atleast good friends, and she also knew chaox somewhat of a crush on her.) and Becca made out with some dudes in front him- HSGG then left with the same girl and did [unknown] with her, HS's girlfriend dumped him and now he's back at his parent's house.- Lapaka leaves CRS, talks shit on the way out Then Chaox gets drunk and does crazy shit on his stream. just read the thread. Seems this girl left with HSGG and they did a bit more than kiss. Holy shit, I realized yesterday that Hotshot was no longer with his girlfriend after I saw him streaming at his parents house and he mentioned that he's "le single." Didn't realize it was because he fucking cheated on her. There's a difference between "this was probably not a good thing to do" and "OMG GIRLS SUCK SEE THEY DO THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME".

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Apparent;y HSGG needs a new gf now, as the previous one left him after hearing about the incident. In a few years someone should make all this shit into a movie.edit:imo, Becca needs to realize that making out with a ton of dudes who are in competitive lol is a bit silly and makes you look like a slut. It's especially terrible in the reddit thread.

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