Jobdating com

Jobdating com

To top this new generation of personality games Knack will enable you to connect to an online network of matching employers.

The event who take place on the 7th floor of the Sunlife Building located on 1155 Metcalfe in Montreal wish to gather the most talented people in the IT sector.

Un véritable succès pour cette initiative au service des employeurs et des candidats du grand saumurois !

Vous êtes peut-être à la recherche d’un emploi ou en veille d’un nouveau poste? organise un JOB DATING le 26 avril prochain à Metz !

Possibly every HR advisor you meet in your career will like to learn about your drive in work and life. Your answers in a job interview will enable the advisor to create a deeper insight and lead you to the just company, department or job. So recruiters are actively seeking new ways to identify behavioural characteristics.

‘A candidate may have a great solution for a puzzle, but we also want to see that this person is listening to co-players,’ says Steven Duinhouwer of Technisch Nederland.

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In their game experiment a group of candidates were placed in an escape room. ‘We were extra keen on cooperative skills.’ ‘The advantage of a game is that it will show authentic behaviour of a candidate in practice’, says Johan Siebert of Summum, the Dutch trade organization for recruitment agencies. Rob Meijer, Professor of Psychometric and Statistical Techniques at the University of Groningen, expresses the possible flipside of the gamificated job interview in a story in The Volkskrant this August: ‘The thought to create a loose atmosphere with the use of a game is not bad. Company Knack introduced the Wasabi Waiter recruitment game. Staffing in times of lower birth rates and an ageing workforce is moving towards an international job dating game, using your personal game data as a psychometric test.

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