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From his first first role as the socially awkward unlikely hero Brandon in “Galaxy Quest” to his most recent performance in “A Case of You,” Justin Long always gives a standout performance. There is a thing called Tinder, who a friend of mine has gotten really into – who shall remain nameless. But, we were there the other night and it was packed at like eleven o’clock at night. I think people are so plugged in to these things now, and dating has become the same. But, you know I was thinking about the character who is trying to change, be something that this girl wants, but I think chicks have always quickly adopted what the guy was into.

He’s also become well known for his appearances in a series of ads for Mac with John Hodgeman. There was a table of three college students, two girls and a guy, and the entire meal they were on – one girl had three devices, an i Pad and and two phones going, and they were playing these games, loud, too (makes video game gun fighting sounds). I’ve known women who suddenly start dating a car guy and they are acting like they are all into cars. I feel as though the same has happened to me with girls. Justin Long: Yeah, I got into this thing, it’s called “felting” with a needle.

Justin Long: I don’t know why that is, I was when I was a kid. You know about bugs, you know about trees and plants, and you’re crawling around and for some reason they stomp it out of you in school, really early on. Justin Long: It becomes much less fun because that is a lot more – it’s not as creative.

I had moments of regression when I was doing this movie. Ron Bennington: I think little kids are natural scientists. There is something about the natural world that is very creative and fascinating in that way.

I think I could have been a really smart scientific guy, but then girls entered into the picture. Justin Long: Yeah, it was something that we felt hadn’t really been addressed, but that is happening a lot, even more so now, we wrote it a few years ago. My brother and I were at this great new place – I’m obsessed with Chinese food and there is this place called Han Dynasty that opened up. You just keep needling it and it creates this harder consistency.

It’s somewhat of a romantic comedy, but also a morality tale of this guy who goes on a girl’s Facebook, figures out what she likes and then kind of becomes that. It’s almost like meeting people in real life is too weird, now. Justin Long: Yeah, we bumped into each other and had a “face off,” which sounds really strange.

Ron Bennington: If you’ve got kids you want to take them out to the “Walking with Dinosaurs” movie.

For some reason all kids are obsessed with dinosaurs. Ron Bennington: Well, that must have brought the chicks in.

Long stopped by the Sirius XM studios recently to talk with Ron Bennington about his new children’s movie, “Walking With Dinosaurs.” A few excerpts from the interview appear below. Ron Bennington: So, what would you do in this group? Justin Long: People would bring in – well, it was mostly adults in the group – people would bring in reptiles and amphibians, and a lot of chronic masturbating. Every once and awhile they would stop to eat and exchange maybe a couple of words about the food, but there was something so terrifying about it. Or, they’ll become a surf chick and I’m not sure that’s a bad way to learn things. I feel like I’ve been introduced to certain types of music…

You can hear the interview in its entirety exclusively on Sirius XM satellite radio. This will, I don’t know if I should reveal this, but I started felting – felting, with a “T.” Ron Bennington: Oh, ok, so it’s not…?

I’ll blow your mind, right now, I was a member of the Southern Connecticut Herpetological Society.

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