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Kannada noughty girls hot

” I replied saying “No Nothing”,but in mind I was thinking wat a fucking cleavage. Today even Sana sat down with Ayesha, now I was enjoying two nice deep valley’s. For 2-3 days I shagged hard imagining both of them.

Ayesha had worn a Indian dress which was deep neck. I was lookin at it and enjoyin it when Sana caught me and asked ” What happened Rahul where are u lost? Next day both Sana and Ayesha had worn a cleavage revealing dress, I had heard some other girls whispering “Sali kitni kamini ladkiyan hai, bas ladko ka attention chahiye”.

To which Ayesha said “Would u like to see them and taste them?

” and she opened her shirt and I just pounced on her boobs removed them from cleavage and started licking and sucking her right boob and I saw Sana had started to suck her other boob.

With my hands I opened Sana shirt and started pressing the boobs. All of sudden the phone rang , Ayesha picked up the phone it was Pooja “Ayesha I am reaching office in 5 mins , will come directly to meeting room” and we both were sucking her boobs like anything.

Sana called me and told that Ayesha has called her in meeting room.

When I went in meeting room I saw only Ayesha and Sana were there.

One day we were having tea, Ayesha was sitting down and I and Sana were standing.

She was wearing a shirt completely stuck to her body and her tits just wanting to pop out of them.

Both were dressed very sexily, Ayesha with her 2 buttons open, her nice cleavage was visible. She said “Yes, wanted to discuss something” and she took a file and came and sat next to me, she was sitting very close and she crossed her legs and her skirt came bit more up I could see her nice milky fair legs.

She was trying to get close with me and explaining me somethings, number of times she rubbed her boobs with my shoulder, Sana now came and sat next to me, all of sudden she put her one hand on my lap and was asking some questions.

I was getting hard on and these two sluts were just seducing me.

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Sana told me “I caught u looking at something the other day”. ” To which Ayesha had a very big fucking surprise, she opened two more buttons and said “U were looking at this fucking cleavage na? I said “If you will show such a milky beautiful fucking valley, who will not see”.

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