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Young people often marry cousins or someone from their own village.The law allows marriage under the age of 18 in "special and necessary cases," often cases of underage pregnancy, and a considerable percentage of women married before reaching the age of 18.

The wedding takes place at the home of the bride's family, Divorce is frowned upon but may be initiated by either party. If a couple encounters domestic difficulties, the two families usually address the problem first.

Traditionally, the couple lived with the parents of the bride until after the marriage of the next daughter (if any) or in some cases they move out earlier but the earliest is seven days after their wedding.

Further, having multiple wives generally was restricted to the elite because it required the ability to maintain a larger household. Marriage occurs through a blend of traditional and modern practices.

In earlier generations, marriages may have been arranged by the families, but at least since the 1960s, most couples usually have made their own choice, which is communicated to the parents.

If necessary, the village elders join the attempt to resolve the couple's differences and achieve a reconciliation.

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