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Unemployment has not caused any increase in crime and you see foot patrols of police everywhere in the tourist areas.Alicante, Malaga and Valencia are three good areas in the Winter to find women.A lot of Moroccans in the south, they are beautiful of course too and have close ties to Spain.The difference is they are Muslim and you will have to convert to marry one.I tend to think the South American Spanish are more conservative or domestic than Spaniards from Europe (maybe with the exception of Argentina as the girls are notoriously game player before you lasso them into a relationship.There is something about this EU that perpetuates liberalism in the worst way when it comes to Social interactions.

I have traveled all over South America and I am an EU citizen and have similarly and lived around Europe.

Maybe the settles of the new world have been isolated sufficiently or the Conquistador genes are more resilient to feminism.

It is safe at night and taxis are honest in my experience.

Even with the unemployment crisis in Spain now, it is not cheap, it is the Euro zone and your dollar is worth less for some strange reason.

Public transportation in Spain is excellent and your first ride on a metro in Madrid will prove this out.

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There is a reasonably large number of South Americans and Russians and Romanians in Spain ‘working’, better is to go to respectable clubs, easy to meet girls if you learn a little Spanish, but they all speak English.

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