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Friedan called this "the problem that has no name".

More accurately, it attempted to return women to a domestic role post-World War II, and allow masculine dominance to reign over employment and discourse.

An entire generation of well-educated women were successfully coerced in to submissive roles and many became disillusioned with life without being exactly sure why.

But what if I told you, while it's probably unintentional, that there is one in On the face of it, Amanda has led quite a nice life, one of Californian opulence and sunshine with a seemingly endless supply of money to help enhance her wardrobe, furnishings and body.

Yet the game's story tries to say that this isn't enough for her.

's treatment and objectification of women is pretty poor in a time where women make up over 50 percent of gamers.

And they draw me to a book called character Betty Draper (a name possibly inspired by the writer).It was the very real subterfuge of reversing feminist psychology in the 1950s United States that led to a nation of baby booming housewives.But I'm looking at non-playable characters that aren't just placed as misogynistic power-up fodder.Whatever the encouragement, a game's permission for you to act on such things as exploitation, prostitution, objectification and violent dehumanisation isn't a free pass for you to do so.Her husband's inability to stem his early retirement boredom with anything except infidelity, violence and alcohol has led to her own perceived infidelity with a vast array of Hollywood housewife clichés, and turning to shoplifting in order to get any excitement out of life.

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Two of those words echo with me: cliché and housewife.

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