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Managua women dating

If you want OBs, you can find them at most chain-grocery stores or better yet, bring them with you from home.

Diva Cups are virtually non-existent except in a few specialty stores in Managua Most women here use birth control in the form of an injection or the pill.

Relationships progress here very fast, so women should be careful to make their intentions clear.

If you do end up dating a man here, it can quickly progress into something serious.

Also, various forms of controlling behavior and jealousy are not only accepted, they are the norm.

Women should be aware that it is very rare to find a man who is accepting of their girlfriend going out with other men without him. This type of man is usually very sincere, quiet, well-mannered and very intense.

Most women here use pads or Kodex which are available in most pharmacies and stores.

Tampons are somewhat scarcer and often the only kind you can find are with applicators.

It’s better to buy them at large chain-grocery stores and check the expiration date – condoms are not widely used and it is not expected for men to have them on hand. She was a lot rougher than my gynecologist at home and overall I felt less certain about her thoroughness and patient care.

IUDs are also somewhat common and you can theoretically get one inserted/removed at any gynecologist (around ) although I would recommend making sure you find a good one.

You can get birth control pills and the morning after pill very easily at any pharmacy although selection is limited.

He will not look you in the eyes when you talk to him and it will take a while for him to kiss you but when he does, he will develop a strong and intense sense of ownership. This is the westernized type of man you are likely to meet where there are a lot of tourists.

Overall she was professional enough and everything was hygienic and clean. Most men live with their parents until they get married. Most pairs will either hang out on street corners or go to 24-hour motels called “hospedajes.” The main difference is that if dating is casual, they will say you are “amigos con derechos” or “estamos saliendo.” This implies that you are free to see other people.

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She speaks very little English so it’s best to bring a translator if you don’t speak Spanish. Monogamous relationships will be referred to as “novia/novio” and come with expectations such as: right to know where you are, who you are with, what you are doing etc.

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