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It seemed clever, legitimate and perfectly moral -- even by And then, for some God forsaken reason, and I use God in its fullest context, Matt decided to come clean to Boston Rob -- the person who'd orchestrated the vote that sent him to Redemption Island -- and tell him of his flirtation with the other tribe, but that apparently God wouldn't want him to do that.Apart from the fact that it sent Boston Rob into a paranoid frenzy, I stared at the TV screen wondering -- even if I bought into Matt's religious beliefs -- why God would want him to stick with the team that booted him off?I was nervous about whether Matt could win the psychological game against the master of deception, because while Matt was younger and stronger I remembered how Russell had outlasted the younger and similarly dexterous Brett Clouser in the final immunity challenge in Samoa.

There were plenty of others he could have set his sights on, in particular Mike and Steve Wright on Zapatera, and let poor Matt rest for a half second.And wasn't it God who gave Matt the fortitude to win six challenges in a row and perhaps wreak biblical vengeance on Boston Rob in the manner wrought in the Old Testament?So, it wasn't logical at all, and it was also very telling of Boston Rob that he is such a smarmy, self-righteous soul, who, instead of appreciating Matt's honesty -- having come to him with a confession of what he might have done -- and rewarding this as an act of loyalty and solidarity, he decided that the mere act of thinking of going against him was the height of arrogance and he decided then and there to get rid of Matt.I felt he'd gotten a raw deal when the so-called Boston Rob Mariano engineered his early departure from the Ometepe Tribe, but was delighted as he beat the odds to stay in the game.In particular, during his second challenge, this time with the notorious Russell, who'd himself been blindsided at last and sent to the purgatory island.

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But no, he couldn't, because Boston Rob is not at all charming, as he thinks he is. Mike kept trying to convince Matt, and Andrea now started to wonder about her ties with Matt, who was now rivaling Phillip Sheppard in the amount of confidential information he just had to reveal.

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