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He measured their beauty in carats: if he rated them below a certain number they were sent to the tents of his officers.On one occasion, his lieutenants were idly debating what was the greatest enjoyment that life afforded.After analysing tissue samples in populations bordering Mongolia, scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences believe the brutal ruler has 16 million male descendants living today, meaning that he must have fathered hundreds, if not thousands, of children.And as the geneticists agree, it can be explained only by Genghis Khan's policy of seizing for himself the most beautiful women captured in the course of his merciless conquests. Genghis Khan and his commanders would tear at huge lumps of nearly raw horsemeat while captive girls were paraded for their inspection. He liked them with small noses, rounded hips, long silky hair, red lips and melodious voices.He made himself master of half the known world, and inspired mankind with a fear that lasted for generations.

Seven hundred years ago, a man almost conquered the Earth.Despite his appetite for women, the findings of the geneticists sound impossible.He is better known to us as Genghis Khan." So begins Harold Lamb's 1927 book Genghis Khan: Emperor Of All Men, which - 80 years after its publication - remains the best-selling history on the Mongolian warlord.But what Lamb did not say - because there was no proof of it until this day - is that Genghis Khan could also lay claim to being the most prolific lover the world has ever seen.What is it about them that drives white guys insane?

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At my job, 90% of the men there are coupled with an Kazakhstan women, it's quite interesting.

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