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The 25-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles and has family in Pakistan, used to thread eyebrows for a living before getting involved in the adult film industry, when she learned, she told Refinery29, that dancing in a hijab or wearing scarves would help her to pull in millions of viewers.She said in the video that she has 'officially been banned from Pakistan' adding that 'they banned me because I wore the scarf and the traditional dress in the adult scenes and performed in Islamic wear.'She said: 'Ideally, just like any other parent they do not like their daughter to do that type of work, but they have a good understanding of why I did things.I have a very good relationship with my parents, I'm very open about things.' She said: 'I don't have a mentor, no-one really has a mentor in the adult industry, you just have to figure it out. By Ibragim Israilov for Teen As-salaam alaykum, brothers and sisters I want to share with you my story about my weed addiction and how it started, this is especially for my brothers who think weed is (OK).

So this started when I for first time got invited to party of my “friend” I never enjoyed to go out for party because I simply didn’t drink alcohol like all my “friends” did, because alcohol is Haram right? So I found this 2 “friends” and got good connection with them as the time was passing away, and these 2 guys who was my “friends” now was Invited to the same guy (These 2 used to smoke weed daily), I was Invited as.So the party day came and these 2 “friends” of mine asked me if I wanted to join them to this party.I was 16, I was unsure about weed was haram/bad sin because I read so many good things about weed and when I read these articles on the internet I wasn’t able to find any bad things about weed, because these articles I read about was the people who was addicted to this weed.Those people who are addicted to weed and (like it) don’t have any problem at all to find weed bad as I did.Before we start I want to say forgive me about my bad English as its not my first or second language anyways I try my best insh’allah.

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So this begins with when I started to try those bad things out.

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