Paper heart are they really dating

Paper heart are they really dating

He loves you because He made you and wants to be with you.

Every time she nurses that baby, kisses away a boo-boo, reads a bedtime story, loves away elementary school drama, or has a heart-to-heart talk with a hurting teenager–she is giving a piece of her heart away! You better beware because the next time you vent or spill out your guts in conversation with your bestie you might be sharing too much! That’s how God created our hearts and our relationships to be. A broken relationship can leave you with a broken heart, but it can’t leave you with less of a heart. That loving someone, even the wrong someone, is a normal part of life.

The teaching goes something like this, normally along with use of a visual aid, a heart made out of red construction paper: “This is repeated over and over as you go from relationship to relationship giving pieces of your heart to all these different people, and by the time you actually meet “the one” that God has created for you…you have nothing left of your heart to give that person. As human beings, our hearts are meant to love and to give.This, teenagers, is why dating is so dangerous.” I entered a psuedo-“courtship” with a young man when I was 18. That’s what a relationship–ANY relationship–is all about! God promises that He can provide healing and restoration for a broken heart.I’m telling you…broken-hearted girl crying because your perfect little world and courtship came crashing down around you and now you feel damaged beyond repair. I’m telling you…young woman who wonders if you have fallen away from God so much that you have nothing left to give Him. He loves you whether that heart is broken or has never known pain.He loves you whether your life is put together or not.This morning my son woke up at , but was scared to enter the hallway because the hall night-light was broken. Unfortunately for me, I have a touch of a cold and cough and as much as I wanted to go back to sleep, all I could do was toss and turn and try to go get the annoying Taylor Swift version of the song “Last Christmas” out of my head. Immediately my train of thought stopped as I came face to face with a popular conservative Christian teaching about relationships.

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I stared it down with new eyes and evaluated it’s validity.

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