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His father Cao Song was a foster son of Cao Teng, who in turn was one of the favourite eunuchs of Emperor Huan.Some historical records, including the Biography of Cao Man, claim that Cao Song's original family name was Xiahou. According to the Biography of Cao Man, Cao Cao's uncle complained to Cao Song about Cao Cao's indulgence in hunting and music with Yuan Shao.When asked, Cao Cao replied, "I have never had a fit, but I lost the love of my uncle, and therefore he deceived you." Afterwards, Cao Song ceased to believe his brother regarding Cao Cao, and thus Cao Cao became even more blatant and insistent in his wayward pursuits.At that time, there was a man named Xu Shao who lived in Runan and was famous for his ability to evaluate a person's potentials and talents.Cao had much success as the Han chancellor, but his handling of the Han emperor Liu Xie was heavily criticized and resulted in a continued and then escalated civil war.Opposition directly gathered around warlords Liu Bei and Sun Quan, whom Cao was unable to quell.courtesy name Mengde, was a Chinese warlord and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty who rose to great power in the final years of the dynasty.

During the fall of the Eastern Han dynasty, Cao Cao was able to secure the most populated and prosperous cities of the central plains and northern China.Cao Cao paid him a visit in hopes of receiving an evaluation that would help him politically.In retaliation, Cao Cao feigned a fit before his uncle, who immediately rushed to inform Cao Song.When Cao Song went to see his son, Cao Cao behaved normally.Cao was also skilled in poetry and martial arts and wrote many war journals.

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Cao Cao was born in Qiao (present-day Bozhou, Anhui) in 155.

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