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etc)Suicide sites (blogs, forums etc on how to blah blah) Hate/Racist cites So you can see that endeavors within schools in such things like "health and wellbeing", "mindfulness", cyber related teachings, etc are very very important in the curriculum to empower and support our young in developing resilience, as well as caregiver mediation and support. She advocates for balance of the risks, and benefits of young people online. v=Syjb DUP1o0g& OZIe Pq FEGAq E5md2b FQj75y VW7sp Writer-journalist Quinn Norton studies the social structures that emerge around contemporary issues - how these self-organised communities operate and the agency they foster. Cognitive, personality, and social factors associated with adolescents’ online personal information disclosure. Pro bulimia sites (same as above)Self harm sites (cutting... she is a guru of research, and with her teams who have undertaken extensive studies with 25000 young people across multiple countries in the EU.The digital environment today whereby very young children can tuck away with a digital device in their bedroom, or down at the local free wifi spot etc, and go looking at anything (!! Research shows some important points to consider (so, several conclusions from my thesis in a nutshell): Like everything, good and bad activities are percolated in this side of the web. I could write on forever, but must actually get back to my Lit Review. Looking forward to seeing what anyone else thinks about these issues. Elk Grove Village, IL, USA: American Academy of Pediatrics. This is so relevant when it comes to older kids and teenagers.

We think about illegal downloading music and movies because they are bought to our attention, but there are very dark and underworld activities just like in the real world that are often too synister to think about. many teens are also aware of some pretty heavy duty sites on the general web, and as educators and parents we need to be aware of their existence....

Too often we forget about the illegal activities of the world in day to day issues, and even more forget about illegal activities in the online environment.

All of the above information about the Dark Web is correct, and for a chilling but informative read, I would recommend "The Dark Web" by Jamie Bartlett (2014).

This part of the web has been around for a good while, and in particular, accessed by many from the 1990's, however with the advent of mobile devices, it has now become more of an issue in relation to young people and what they can and do access, and often in environments with little supervision.

I am working on my thesis this year, researching what 'privacy' is to young people, and what relationship their concepts of privacy have on their activities and pursuits online.

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As I have been (over the last 8 years) involved, interested, intrigued and appalled at various opportunities and risks the Internet provides all users, I decided to take on my Masters in this general arena.

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