Pros and cons of dating coworkers

Pros and cons of dating coworkers

As more women enter the workplace, they have more opportunities and societal benefits.

But one of the consequences is that more women "engage in at-risk drinking behavior." So how do women approach the bumpy terrain of drinking at work?

"The rates of binge drinking and alcohol use disorder are increasing in women," Katherine Keyes, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, says.

"While men are more likely to have alcohol disorders than women, the increase in women outpace what we see in men." Keyes says that data tracking back over the last 60 to 70 years suggests that more gender equality in a country may correlate with higher drinking rates.

Drinking in a work setting can be a complicated thing.

Refuse a glass of wine at a dinner meeting and you're seen as uptight or a prude.

So when I read a story on how non-drinkers felt left out or disadvantaged specifically because they didn't or couldn't drink in work situations, I could relate. "Men are still expected to get together and go wild, but in some ways it's frowned upon if the woman engages in it," Dr.

Crepsac said, noting that few of his female patients have complained that sobriety hurt their careers. Crepsac clearly isn't hanging out with the same women I'm hanging out with." A female friend of mine says that her consulting-firm co-workers pressure her to go to after-work drinks, especially after she declines.

Personally, I err on the "uptight" side, rarely picking up a drink at social events, let alone work ones.

This leads to a lot of questioning, and in some cases, somebody forcing a drink on me.

Studies show that women are feeling both the pressure and the freedom to drink.

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