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Radiocarbon dating qub

For instance, if many trees in a region had thick rings in some particular years, then climatic conditions in those years were presumably good (e.g.warm and with lots of rain); tree rings have been used in this way to learn about the climate centuries ago.Tree rings are studied by scientists for two main purposes.One purpose is to learn something about what the climate was like many years ago.When a tree is cut, you can often see many concentric rings.Typically, there is one ring for each year during which the tree grew.Queen's University Belfast is a public body in the United Kingdom.As such, it is required to make certain information available under the UK Freedom of Information Act.

Following discusses my attempt to obtain that information, using the Act.

The tree-ring data that QUB has gathered is valuable for studying the global climate during the past 7000 years: for a brief explanation of this, see here.

The other purpose in studying tree rings is to date artefacts found in archaeological contexts; for an example, see here.

One of the world's leading centers for tree-ring work is in Northern Ireland, at Queen's University Belfast (QUB).

Some rings will be thick: those indicate years in which the environment was good for the tree.

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Other rings will be thin: those indicate the opposite.

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