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Raphael saadiq dating nia long

Not sure why though, because Tamia’s voice is and has always been an amazing one. I still bump “What Kind of Man Would I Be,” and “You Send Me Swingin'” like they both came out last week.

Maybe the lack of club bangers has held her back, but still, she should be up there in influence, not just singing on a track or two that samples her own work (Did you know a lot of people didn’t even know Fabolous sampled “So Into You,” for “Into You”? But why when people talk about classic R&B groups they never manage to say anything about Mint Condition?

But nowadays, when you talk about R&B crooners, you only hear about Trey, Chris, Frank, Ne-Yo and…? She’s been on tour every year since she released her debut album in 2002 (Freeway“Roc the Mic” had to be the best song of 2002, and aside from Beanie Sigel (where is he at by the way?

It must have bothered her as much as it does me, because now she has gone all out: her name now looks like “Ameriie,” and she went as far as to get a nose job to stand out. Les for Prez, the producer/singer/rapper is extraordinarily talented.

If you haven’t seen the You Tube videos where he creates a song from scratch, playing the drums, the trumpet, the keyboard and more, then you’re missing out on true mastery. Although he’s put out two albums (and had another one shelved), their chart positions haven’t been all that (his self-titled album debuted at #35 on the Billboard 200), and aside from producing from great tracks for other people and appearing as a feature from time to time, his notoriety as an artist, whether he’s rapping or singing, hasn’t gone far from You Tube…Tamia THROWBACK!

I haven’t seen Lil’ Mo in a while (she was one of the many “Lil'”s of the new millenium), but when she first came out, singing on tracks for Missy and teaming up with Fabolous to rep for the “Superwoman” we ladies can be, she was awesome. Maybe it was because of all the tattoos, or the fact that she wasn’t trying to shake her a** for cash like others, but alas, she’s nowhere near where she should be in her career. )A few years back, conscious rappers were finally becoming all the rage and getting their dues, and Dante Smith was one of my faves. He’s too lyrically gifted to be an afterthought folks!

was one of those must haves for your car, and with tracks like “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” and “Talkin’ to Me” on it, everybody was singing along in the coupe.

What does it really take to make it in the music business? There have been many super talented and entertaining musicians that should have the status and household name notoriety that dudes like LMFAO (“Party Rock Anthem”) have right now, but they don’t. Lil’ Mo After a co-worker shared the throwback video with me for her jam “4Ever,” I was inspired to write this story. As of recent, he’s signed with Kanye West’s GOOD Music, so we’re hoping Yeezy’s golden touch can help brighten up my boo’s own career.

Even her second album was introduced to the world on a fly note–remember “1 Thing”?

But for some reason, she didn’t move units the way singers like Ashanti and Alicia Keys were.

But in all honesty, these fellas from Minnesota (hey, Prince! When they first started putting out albums, it was around the time of New Jack Swing’s prominence, and that wasn’t MC’s thing, so for many years they flew under the radar.

But with Stokely’s voice and the rest of the group’s musical talents, they should have been like the ’90s version of Earth, Wind & Fire. some years back and I found his music to be uber-refreshing. If you have, then you know Jaguar Wright needs some more acclaim. I know it, The Roots know it, and Jay-Z knows it, because he had her singing backup for him when he recorded his popular MTV Unplugged special.

The boo of Grant Hill has been around for a while, dropping her self-titled album in ’98.

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Though she has recorded classics like “Stranger in My House,” “Officially Missing You,” and “So Into You,” the Canadian crooner just doesn’t get as much radio play ’round these parts.

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