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Rasta dating vancouver

The Seattle males’ inability to successfully merge with their female counterparts reminds me of the colossal cluster that is I-5 onramps.Much like a Seattleite merging onto a freeway, our men’s apprehensive tendencies leave them incapable of finding either the open lane or the open bar stool.To my surprise, however, I didn’t experience that infamous cold shoulder from my fellow Seattleites.I was invited to functions by acquaintances and included in happy hours and genuinely accepted into small circles of friends. I quickly learned that Seattle men are far different from any other I’ve encountered: shy, timid and seemingly incapable of striking up a conversation, let alone offering to buy a female a drink.It’s true not every man from the last frontier can be described as such.

MOVING to the Pacific Northwest six years ago, I was apprehensive about my social options because of what I had heard about the Seattle Freeze.

It would be hard to make friends, or so I was told.

Like a Seattleite’s driving, which is among the worst according to two years of Allstate claims data, Seattle men are unable to properly insert themselves, thanks to a “no, you go first” mindset, creating a plethora of blundering crash-and-burn scenarios.

Being born and raised in Alaska, I found such dating behavior foreign.

However, Alaskan mating rituals cannot be boiled down to a simple numbers game.

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