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She claimed the difference is due to the amount of testosterone that a male fetus creates — the hormone dampens the growth of an expecting mother's breasts.

The father's sperm determines the sex of his offspring: While a woman always provides an X chromosome to a child in her egg, the sperm that fertilizes her egg provides either a second X chromosome for a girl (XX), or a Y chromosome for a boy (XY).

But people are looking in the wrong place, said science journalist Jena Pincott, who claims it's the shape of a woman's breasts — not her belly bump — that reveals the sex of the child.

In her new book, "Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?

" (Souvenir Press, 2013), Pincott states that moms carrying girls will develop larger breasts than moms carrying boys, the Daily Mail reports.

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[8 Ways a Woman's Body Changes During Pregnancy] Pincott said in her book that the breasts of a woman carrying a girl will increase about 3.2 inches (8 centimeters), while those of a woman carrying a boy will grow only 2.5 inches (6.3 cm).

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