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Sexy prodats

Simply unpeel your clothes and get to work with our scrubby soap loaded with citrus peels to exfoliate and tone your skin while you suds up.You’ll feel fresh and squeaky clean again in no time and the revitalizing citrus juices and oils will get your senses going.There was a day when advertising was all you needed to push a product. what better way to find out than by going straight to the source?You could buy a bunch of space on TV, the radio, and in magazines, and everybody would be talking about you in no time. Today, if you look at the brands that are doing really well — the ones that are really crushing it — you’ll see that many of them don’t stop at remarkable advertising. Several brands make great examples, but there’s one company more than any other that’s at the top of everyone’s mind. In a recent interview, Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Senior VP of Design had this to say: “A big part of the experience of a physical object has to do with the materials…understanding, that preoccupation with the materials and processes, is [very] essential to the way we work.” He goes on to explain the precise machinery required to design and create the new i Phone 4.0, and the importance of the relationship between form and mastery of material.

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If you want to make your product more sexy, that’s where you should start.

You need great typography, a great color scheme, and a great layout.

Digital or physical, it all begins with the fundamentals.

The materials are a product in their own right, and it’s just as important that they’re sexy too. Take a look at the i Phone product page, and you’ll see what I mean. Apple knows they can’t sell a sexy i Phone application if the i Phone itself looks like crap.

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The first two headlines aren’t bragging about features or benefits. You have to start with the actual materials and work your way up. If you’re putting together a website, you can’t just throw in a few pretty images and expect it to look great.

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