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Phases, sequences and other relative information may be included in a simulation, which is based on a Bayesian statistical method.This helps answer these types of ‘what-if’ question.A date from the bottom, middle and upper part of a sequence or site can sometimes be a useful starting point, from which further dates can then be proposed.In some cases, there will be doubts over even the approximate age of the material being considered for dating.In this case, rangefinder dates may be more appropriate.via NERC or AHRC grant funding, to avoid distortion of the block-funded facility resources being allocated to one particular project.There is no advantage to large or small applications.It is increasingly apparent that the main question is not how many dates one should apply for, but which dates, and where from.

Can I apply for radiocarbon funding for future fieldwork? Applications for more than this (up to 100 analyses) can be awarded in some exceptional instances, but if analyses requested are likely to exceed this, then analytical support should be sought elsewhere, e.g. If you miss an application date, you must wait until the next one. Is it possible to obtain advice on my draft application before I submit it? Contact either of the two facility secretaries and they will provide feedback and advice on your application and answer any specific queries concerned with your samples, number of requested analyses, selection of material or application guidelines. It is not possible to ask for radiocarbon support for material that is not collected, or has permission pending. It is usually the case that for full applications, sample numbers are between 1 and 50.The sole criterion is scientific and academic excellence. Estimating how many samples might be required is often tricky and requires careful thought.The widely used Ox Cal software has a simulation option, which can be used to gain an idea of the number of determinations required in order to gain benefits in chronological terms.Using Bayesian methods and a simulation approach helps us to check this before we actually spend money on radiocarbon dating.

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It helps us to decide which of the samples that have been collected should be radiocarbon dated in order to maximise the information we obtain in terms of calendar age ranges.

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