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’ Dick pics aren’t a big deal these days I suppose but I met my partner 14 years ago and I hadn’t done any of that online stuff which is really popular now.

It’s a whole different world – people just sending out photos of their willies!

Originally from Perth, Damian has been based in Britain for the past three years, following a stint living in Ireland, and has been delighting audiences and critics with his infectious energy and rambunctious routines.

Over an afternoon phone chat, Damian talked about his new show, but I began by asking why so many comics from Australia and the US seem to make Britain their base.

“The show is almost a true crime story about my phone being stolen, and then me getting all the photos from the new owner of my phone on i Cloud, including his dick pics! “I had to figure out who was this guy that had my phone, and it took me a year but I tracked him down and that’s what the show is about.

It’s still stand-up but it’s like a home-made detective story.” Damo muses on those x-rated pics from his phone; “Maybe some people would have just let it go but I was fixated on ‘Who is this?

The main thing is that geographically, unlike the US or Australia, it’s condensed into a small enough landmass so that wherever you are you can nearly always drive home after the gig.” is a real life detective story, with lashings of laughs on top.

Last year, Clark’s phone was stolen and four weeks later, mysterious photos began to appear in his i Cloud.

It’s quite a womanly thing as well because now I know what it is like to have dick pics sent to you when you are not expecting them.” So how did he manage to track the phone thief down?

In an attempt to find out where they were coming from, Damo began a quest for the culprit knowing he had to solve the case if he ever wanted to see his phone again and stop the tirade of garbage hacked into all his other devices.

In tracking his phone, he is unwillingly dragged into the dark side of SMS, online dating and drug dealing – with hilarious consequences.

“There’s more misery here and comedy definitely works better in that setting,” he replies with a laugh.

“With my accent I probably sound like I should be somewhere sunny but I prefer rainy days so the UK is perfect for me and every other comic; we’re just miserable bastards who like making fun of the world!

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“He took a photo of a letter that he got at university so I went to the university he was studying at but I missed him by a couple of months because he had already graduated,” Damo replies.

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