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Q: Dear Vector Prime, What is your favorite tune to listen/dance to? The Optimus prime from both RID and the Unicorn trilogy met for the second time. A: Dear Convoy Fan, I wasn't present for such a meeting, so I could only speculate. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Q: Dear Vector Prime, What's the deal with Optimash Prime and Bumble Spud? Generally, in essence, what is it like, being the mighty Vector Prime? If I can help foster improved understanding between our races, then perhaps we will be better able to face a dangerous and uncertain future.

Speaking of materials, this seems like a more relevant avenue to explore. If I am being perfectly honest, their music was a little on the loud side for my ancient audio processors. A: Dear Well-Informed Traveler, I cannot say that I have.

Q: Dear Vector Prime, What is the true identity of Logos Prime? A: Dear Logos Fan, Logos Prime is indeed his true identity. Q: Dear great and wise Vector Prime, The radical change in appearance and functions of the Cybertronians in the Iocus universal streams have caught my attention. A: Dear Iocus Fan, Please, there is no need for flattery. The Iocus Cluster is composed of multiple reality streams. If I had to pick one thing, it is that in my role as guardian of time and space, I am sometimes lonely.

Q: Dear Vector Prime, Which one of the freaky skeletonesque Primes from Revenge of the Fallen is supposed to be you, Vector? While we're on the subject, I find the name a bit... Q: Dear Vector Prime, In the G1 universe, who was Cyclonus created from - Bombshell or Skywarp? Perhaps you should read this to see which topics I have already covered. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Is there any universe you could go to that you would refuse to go to no matter what? Given my status as a unique being in the Multiverse, it is possible that to travel to such a reality would twist the very fabric of my being. If you have something to say, they'll gladly lend you an ear. Q: Dear Vector Prime, How much metal could a chuckbot chuck if a chuckbot could chuck metal? I suppose, if a chuckbot could chuck metal, a chuckbot would chuck all the metal that a chuckbot could chuck, if a chuckbot could chuck metal. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Do you fear the Elder Gods that live in Transwarp? And, though I am many things, a fool is not one of them. A: Dear Beast Wars: Uprising Fan, Though my powers of prognostication are limited, I sense an important conflict over a critical piece of infrastructure in the near future of Primax 209.0 Gamma. It's quite humbling to know that such a wise and powerful being like you would take the time to participate with us humans and others of the multiverse. I do have another question for you, Vector Prime, and it's a bit of a personal one, I suppose: How do you feel about answering our endless (and sometimes pointless, I'm afraid) questions? As to your question, answering questions from humans is an important part of my responsibilities to the Primal Program.

Though it is currently lacking the answers I gave to the writers of The Complete All Spark Almanac, I am certain the industrious editors of the Transformers Wiki will rectify that oversight in the near future. A: Dear Music Fan, These old servos don't dance much anymore. The organics of Eurythma create beautiful, intricate, complicated symphonies. Q: Dear Vector Prime, When several of the Optimus Primes joined in the Convoy. There is little travel between the various Iocus realities to date. True, it is also possible that I would emerge with my personality matrix unchanged, but I wouldn't want to take that chance. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Will we be seeing any more of Blackarachnia, Beast Wars: Uprising, or Trans Tech Beasties in the future? Q: Dear Vector Prime, Have you ever been given a reward token from the Rodimus who commands the Lost Light, the kind shaped like his own face? If not, what do you think you would be likely to earn one for? If there was anything you could change about yourself or your role, what would it be? Humans and Cybertronians have an intertwined destiny.

Should they wish to use a durable material (I myself am partial to bricks from the Fornax cluster, as they are modular and sturdy) I would be more apt to label them competent craftsbots. A: Dear Curious Revenge of the Fallen Fan, I was the handsome one. A: Dear prospective dimensional tourist, The Malgus Cluster is beautiful this time of year, though I've always found the Viron streams to be somewhat underrated. Nonetheless, the Lithon Protoforms seemed to enjoy the noises they were making from their instruments. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Have you ever been to the Legends universe where Rattrap and other Maximals and Predacons work and buy fictional versions of themselves? When Cybertronians interact with fictional versions of themselves, they risk causing a time paradox capable of diverting the eddies in the time flow in dangerous ways. I've watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Hulla Filament. Perhaps I could receive one for being the guardian of time and space.

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On the other hand, should they wish to use flimsy curly straws or volatile energon sticks, I would be profoundly skeptical. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Which universal stream would you recommend as a holiday destination? I would suggest staying away from any negative polarity universes, in any event. Q: Dear Vector Prime, How would the Transcendent Technomorphs classify the universe in which Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave and Smooth Jazz formed the band "Knights of Unicron"? Though, come to think of it, I'm not sure if that's the proper term for a Lithon young. While I understand the desire to shock, some topics should remain sacred. I suppose some cycle "spawn of Unicron" will be the sort of invective hurled with nary a second thought. One must be exceedingly careful under such circumstances. A: Dear Inquisitive Fan, I feel as if I have answered this before. But I can't see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. A: Dear Morbid Traveler, I would be hesitant to travel to a negative polarity universe. A: Dear Chuckbot Fan, I can't say I'm familiar with chuckbots. A: Dear Cautious One, One would have to be a fool not to approach that subject with trepidation. Q: Dear Vector Prime, First off, thank you for answering all of our questions.

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