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Speed dating in san diego

To build a romantic relationship and fall in love is the basic impulse of the human being.

Mapping a Marriage The astrology of relationships—also known as synastry—attempts to average a couple’s individual natal charts into a single composite map.

This method goes beyond pairing basic zodiac signs, incorporating the position of planets according to signs (date), houses (time of day and location on Earth), and aspects (the angle between the planets) in order to assess the unique ways in which natal energies interact.

That way, if things go wrong on that first date, then you can seek the help of others if necessary.

You can be attracted to people who put a lot of effort into their physical body.

Some believe in love at first sight, but for astrologists, the seeds of a relationship can be traced back even earlier than that—the day you were born.

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According to astrology, every person has a natal chart, a celestial map that records the positions of all the planets in relation to one another at the precise moment of their birth.

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