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Similarly, Trevor – my version of Trevor – looks after the people in his neck of the woods. He obliges and during the journey, they start to get openly frisky in the back seat. This particular plotline takes place over two missions.

But the fact that Trevor (and you, if you want to progress through the story) tortures the man regardless, and that he does end up spilling more information as a result, sends a very different message.”No. It’s just not addressing the political issues that Cook and Petit were expecting.

To me it was mean-spirited and another in a long-line of Rockstar ‘shock-tactics’ ““Trevor states that torture doesn’t work, and the person ordering the torture is an arrogant and corrupt government official, suggesting that the scene is meant to be a critical commentary on the United States’ use of waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation” methods.

At one point, Trevor tortures a man and he does so with obvious enjoyment. Dave Cook of VG247 found it a cheap attempt at shock tactics:“Some of us will view the torture scene as some sort of statement on how readily American security firms such the FBI and the CIA persecute those of Middle Eastern descent as potential terrorists without proper grounds to do so……I – personally – feel that the scene wasn’t a statement about anything to do with press scape-goating or profiling.

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(Industries), someone who lets nothing and nobody stand in his way. Over the course of the game (and this is going to get more spoilery now), I realised that Trevor is far from being the one-note psychopath who uses violence purely for its own sake, though I won’t deny that he does this too. He honestly doesn’t realise that a meth lab – especially one in which he pisses in the corner and vomits on the floor – isn’t a home that any normal person would want. In return, he expects that when he visits someone else’s house, they should offer him a drink. Trevor isn’t condoning anything except hurting a man because he’s been asked to do so. He doesn’t know what information he wants the guy to give up and, beyond asking at the start for his own curiosity, he doesn’t really care. You know who else revelled in torturing prisoners simply because they were asked to? It’s all “Tell us about the Azerbaijani” and “Are you ready to talk?

The prisoner was ready to talk before the torture even started but the FIB man wouldn’t let him. Petit seems to think that the message sent is that torture works. This is the part where Rockstar stop making dick jokes and are saying something serious about the world we’re living in.

We bought this game and it asks us to hurt people and when it dwells on the human impact of our actions, now we’re not enjoying it?

At the end of it all, Trevor even explains what just happened as he drives the confused, crippled man away.

Through him, they never let us forget that in GTA V’s reality, when we choose a rampage mission, we chose to gun down these people for exactly the same level of provocation as they showed Trevor – none at all. I’m going to explain this scene in detail now because the articles I’ve read about it seem to take a very different interpretation from me.

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The people in charge of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Trevor Philips hurts people because he’s asked to do so, and he enjoys it.

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