Sugar daddy dating rules

Sugar daddy dating rules

Once I got an email from an older SB that has a young child.

She was in her late 40’s and was constantly putting herself down (via email) saying that no one can possibly be interested in her and that men generally, and especially in sugar, prefer the younger and single bombshells.

Fair enough, then again, what happens if it is a woman who just ended a bad marriage?

She might be someone who at the age of 40 finds herself without a companion and without the financial safety net that a marriage can provide.

Is a woman who is 40+ doomed not to ever be able to become an SB?

Well, lets just say she has certain odds stacked against her.

So in that case she may turn to sugar dating because she has heard a lot about it in the press, or maybe even read my awesome book on Kindle. Yes, but there are men out there who actually respect the fact that even an older person may have some temporary financial needs and therefore needing a SD.

So several men, may think to themselves ‘Hmmm she is not a spring chicken but she does look pretty sexy anyway and is trying to help herself get out of a bad situation. This hypothetical women will not be able to compete against younger, eye candy type of women in their twenties.

Many SDs I have exchanged emails with have also said that if the lady is over her late 20’s or 30 they wouldn’t even consider seeing her.

But what she can offer is maturity, and many men actually are looking for that, even though the looks may not be like that of a 22 year old.

One thing this lady kept doing however, was to put herself down with too many generalizations like ‘oh I am old’, ‘been burnt before’ etc., etc., i.e. Come to think of it, it is the negative thinking that is the turn off in that case, not the age or a wrinkle here or there.

While many may argue that sugar daddies are merely an urban myth, they actually do exist.

Many men would expect that, at that age she wouldn’t be in a position to need an SD in the first place.

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They figure she would either be married or in a position to support herself.

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