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The total amount paid per visit for WM is higher than that for one year of TCM outpatient care before and after lung cancer diagnosis. The factors associated with TCM use varied according to surgery status.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide.Northern America, Eastern Asia, and Western Europe have the highest incidence of lung cancer, whereas the Eastern, Western, and Middle Africa have the lowest incidence of lung cancer.In particular, Hungary, French Polynesia, United States of America, Poland, and Serbia have the highest incidence rates of lung cancer in the world; their age-standardized incidence rates in 2008 were 52.0, 43.6, 42.1, 40.9, and 40.7 per 100,000 persons, respectively [1].Lung cancer accounts for more than 20% of all cancer deaths in Hong Kong and ranks first as the most common cancer in the country [3]. According to a survey across a number of European countries, the top three motives for using CAM in cancer patients include directly fighting the disease with alternative therapy for decreasing the tumor, increasing the ability of the body to fight the cancer, and improving the physical well-being of the patient [4].About 55% of lung cancer cases occur in less developed countries.

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Lung cancer accounts for more than 28% of the total deaths in Taiwan [2].

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