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At the genesis of a file’s life on Bit Torrent, it’s hosted by a single computer – the initial ‘seed’.When one user, or ‘peer’, wants that file, a direct connection is made and the transfer takes place as normal.Up until now, everything happens just as it would on the rest of the internet.: 1 Voodoo Mon Amour 2 Guerilla Laments 3 Kevlar Sweethearts 4 How To Organize A Lynch Mob 5 Black Box Messiah 6 Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball 7 Aurora 8 Mass Rapture 9 Honey Trap Aftermath 10 Of Kali Ma Calibre 11 Justice For Saint Mary Read offset correction : 667Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No Null samples used in CRC calculations : Yes Used interface : Native Win32 interface for Win NT & 2000 Track | Start | Length | Start sector | End sector --------------------------------------------------------- 1 | .00 | .39 | 0 | 20363 2 | .39 | .04 | 20364 | 42492 3 | .43 | .68 | 42493 | 62360 4 | .36 | .12 | 62361 | 66347 5 | .48 | .21 | 66348 | 79643 6 | .69 | .43 | 79644 | 106761 7 | .37 | .07 | 106762 | 129643 8 | .44 | .21 | 129644 | 156889 9 | .65 | .15 | 156890 | 176029 10 | .05 | .05 | 176030 | 195909 11 | .10 | .19 | 195910 | 233203 REM GENRE "Avantgarde Metal"REM DATE 2012REM DISCID 930C250BREM COMMENT "Exact Audio Copy v0.99pb5"PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra"TITLE "Pandora's Piata"FILE "Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piata.ape" WAVE TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Voodoo mon Amour" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 02 AUDIO TITLE "Guerrilla Laments" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 03 AUDIO TITLE "Kevlar Sweethearts" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "How to Organize a Lynch Mob" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "Black Box Messiah" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 06 AUDIO TITLE "Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 07 AUDIO TITLE "Aurora" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 08 AUDIO TITLE "Mass Rapture" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 09 AUDIO TITLE "Honey Trap Aftermath" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 10 AUDIO TITLE "Of Kali Ma Calibre" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 TRACK 11 AUDIO TITLE "Justice for Saint Mary" PERFORMER "Diablo Swing Orchestra" INDEX 01 [CUETools log; Date: ; Version: 2.1.4][CTDB TOCID: Ie N7bm Al Vd GCd QZsm MKoia AB0v Y-] found.

When multiple computers want that file, the server makes direct connections with each one.Bit Torrent abandons that point-to-point transfer method.It also accurately describes the torrent of data being delivered to a file downloader, over multiple streams from different Bit Torrent users. When you watch a You Tube video or download a file off a website, your computer is accessing a single file on a single server, somewhere around the world.There’s a direct computer-to-computer connection that’s made, and that entire file is transferred directly from one to the other.Running on the internet, a P2P network is an informal, decentralised, distributed service that sees every computer connected to that network talking to each other directly, rather than communicating through a central server.

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The term ‘torrent’ is a shortening of Bit Torrent – the official name for the decentralised download protocol developed in 2001 by American computer programmer Bram Cohen. The ins and outs of Bit Torrent The way Bit Torrent works is markedly different to the rest of the internet.

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