The truth about radiometric dating

The truth about radiometric dating

Over 4,300 years ago, an event changed the course of history. The doors of the Ark were opened and mammals, birds, reptiles and human beings set out to repopulate the world.Often termed “Noah’s Flood,” its effects have confused scientists to this day. Until very recently, much of what happened after the Flood has been shrouded in mystery.Besides those on the Ark, the Flood destroyed “all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven” (Gen. However, research in genetics sheds some light on mankind’s migration after leaving this enormous ship.Science has discovered certain genetic “markers” hidden in our DNA.Without such a sample, it was previously thought impossible to trace origins up the genetic tree.

These markers present a reasonably accurate map of the route humanity took after the Flood.

Modern scientists have stated much about this genetic footprint, but you will see they make wrong assumptions that misplace the starting point of this great human journey by a few thousand miles!

Multiply this shuffling effect hundreds of times, and much of the genetic material becomes extremely diluted, making it difficult to trace an origin.

If one has a “baseline” sample, such as a parent’s DNA, it is very easy to determine if a child, grandchild or even generations of grandchildren later belong to that original baseline parent.

The trek spans the course of several thousand years, but the story it represents is unlike any you have read before.

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Using the information hidden in our genes, we can trace the path from ancient times to the doorstep of humanity today.

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