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Too humble for dating sites

I will say as a young person at the time, this person – who I haven’t spoken to in years – made a profound impact on how I viewed life going forward. While I’m not calling him a genius, I do think he’s extremely intelligent. In fact, the law itself is made to grow and evolve over time.I also believe that his tendency to use “big picture” thinking while drafting policy is something most Republican voters simply can’t understand. My belief is that it’s a springboard to true socialized medicine.If people can prevent very costly heart attacks, strokes or other debilitating health issues that’s an overall savings for practically everyone from consumers to health insurers to doctors who now have more patients.Quite literally, improving the overall health of Americans will improve the health of this country. If workers are healthier, because they have access to quality health care, that means there will be fewer people calling in sick to work, showing up sick to work (putting other employees at risk) or relying on government programs because their health conditions (that were preventable) render them unable to work at all.Most people really just want to be assured of what they hope will happen rather than take a good long look at what’s best for themselves in the long run.And while he wasn’t right about everything, he was fairly brilliant when it came to a lot of things.But to see all of that requires “big picture” thinking and Republicans seem unable to understand anything beyond the spoon-fed bumper sticker talking points they’re given by the GOP and the conservative media. Republicans constantly paint it as a “job killer” (it’s not) while also rallying against the millions of people who are on government assistance.

A few years back I worked with a guy who was probably a genius.

In fact, he often struggled in life interacting with people because his brain simply performed at a higher level than the average person.

But, as it is now, it’s a long-term outlook on our health care.

While many Republicans want to look at the “now” aspect of the Affordable Care Act, they seem unable to grasp the reality that as more Americans get health insurance, giving them access to preventable care, this lowers expenses down the road for everyone.

While many people tend to not see beyond a particular moment, day, week or even month, he operated with a sense of “is what I’m doing now the best course of action to set me up for success not just now, but later on.” He used to tell me people would come to him for advice every once in a while and often walk away angry because what they to hear.

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