Try to be more accommodating

If you disagree with the proposed change, there are different ways you can resolve the dispute.

Insist on a careful plan that will help him understand why he will no longer have the accommodation. A child who struggles to remember math facts may be allowed to use a calculator on math tests.But after working for several months with his teacher on math facts, his performance improves and he no longer needs a calculator to help him on math tests.If you’re not satisfied with the explanation, you can appeal the school’s decision.If you are satisfied, work with the school to prepare your child.It can be difficult when a school decides to change a student’s accommodations. There are still things you can do to help your child get what he needs. Your rights are slightly different for IEPs than for 504 plans, so I’ll start by talking about IEPs.

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If the school wants to change an accommodation that is written in your child’s IEP, the school must have an IEP team meeting and get your consent.

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