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you never updated your fall 2012 work before you were verified). You can update your work from the day you are verified until the end of the application cycle.

You can also submit Academic Updates multiple times during the course of the cycle.

However, please note that when submitting an update, you must move the entire TERM from in-progress to complete.

You cannot move only some of the courses within a term to completed and add the rest later.

Please contact your programs directly to determine if they will want these transcripts and where they should be sent. Once your application is verified, you may utilize academic update. Do so and click the save button next to each course. Once all courses are updated, click Save on the term bar to save changes to the term. Click Add Term to add any new planned or in-progress terms. When you have finished adding or updating your coursework, you must complete the Transcript Review process by clicking “Review and Finalize my Transcripts.” 9.

All applicants in a “verified” status may navigate to the “Coursework” section. Click the blue “Update My Application” button to transmit the updated information to your programs.

Updating these courses is only so your PA programs will have these grades entered into the electronic system and can update your GPA locally at their institution.

Academic Update is intended to allow you to change your previously planned/in-progress courses to completed and self-report your grades for this work. The system will NOT allow you to go back and edit previously verified terms or add in terms you forgot to report from past years (i.e.

Your PA programs, however, may or may not require them.

Some programs will ask you to send these updated transcripts to CASPA, while others will want them sent directly the PA program. If the term has already been added as in-progress, click the BLUE PENCIL edit button on the term bar. NEXT, click the blue pencil edit button next to each individual course, THEN uncheck the box that says “In-Progress/Planned.” It is important to do this in this order. You should now be able to enter your credits and grades for these courses.

CASPA will NOT verify or re-calculate your GPA with your updated coursework.

If you have any updates which need to be made to other sections of your application, you must submit these updates directly to your PA programs.

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You CAN make updates to your coursework section for newly completed or planned courses using a system called Academic Update.

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