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United water fluoridating water

Supporters say the small amount put into water is safe, but opponents of the process point out that once the chemical is put into water, its dose cannot be easily controlled or monitored since people drink widely varying amounts of water and have different body weights and ability to process the mineral.

study in the medical journal The Lancet earlier this year labeled fluoride a developmental neurotoxin, due to a link between high levels of exposure and reduced IQ in children, mostly in China.

At lows levels, it is thought to help prevent cavities.

Mercola The fluoride debate is changing, and fast, as more Americans are becoming aware of the known health risks of water fluoridation.

Set to expire January 1, 2015, if Dallas ends fluoridation, it will become the largest city in the US to stop fluoridating its water.

Earlier this year, in May, there was a shift in attitudes in the Dallas city council meeting regarding water fluoridation.

City councils across the country are beginning to give their residents a when it comes to fluoridated drinking water, with many adding fluoridation measures to upcoming ballots.

and Wichita, Kan., and controversy has flared up in major cities like Milwaukee and Cincinnati.

One major open question is what constitutes a safe dose of fluoride.

officially stopped adding fluoride to its water supplies.

The decision has “been lauded by various rights groups, but criticized by many in the medical and dental communities as a serious mistake,” as the Times of Israel put it.

water fluoridation is not practiced in most of Europe or most countries worldwide, it has become widespread in the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, and a few others.

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It remains contentious where it is practiced, especially outside of the United States; however, fluoridation was recently voted against in Portland, Ore.

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