Updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951

MDMXT6208+A MPTool 2.0Capacity Set Tools (2010-02-26)Ameco Ud Tools MW8289 Utools MW8229_59_69 Upgrade Tool Beta_20121106Ameco MW8229_59_69 10.7_0426Ameco MW8219 MW8209_8219_6208T_6219 MW8209_6208E MW8209 MW8109 u Tools 2-4M. UFD U368 (101007a)ASolid USB MPTool_V0002_T00045_00CCore MPT 3.08.0004CION AP192 Production Tool 3.35Real-Way RW8021 Production Tool 3.33Up Grade Tool e Fortune e U201 MP []-B01.06e Fortune e U202 MP []-A.00.00e Ever - EV166 MP-Tool 20120914GL819 Multi Tool MP Tool 1.2.9GL3310 Multi Tool DT Workspace FW update Tool 1.0.0 [KS13]Kingston DT Workspace FW update Tool 1.0.0 [KS15]HSMPTool 1.0D-20070709RHUC2168 MPTool 1.0HUC2198 MPTool 1.0Inphi IN6105 USB Mass Production Tool UDisk MP Tool KTC FC1325N 1.8.0MOAI MPCapacity 0.00.15MOAI MPTOOLS 0.12.22Norelsys Mass-Production Tool 1.3.42OTi 2208 MP Tool 6808 Production Tool 1.33Recover Disk1103 [Recover Disk Generator]Intelligent Stick Manager 2 Tool 2.92OTi MMC&SD QC Tool U360 Ur Transfer Upgrade Tool 1.0.722.52PT Multi-Device Tools 2.901U-Storage Utilities 3.85.430.1UMSD Tools 2.35Point Chips MPTool 3.11Prolific PL-2528 MPTool CM.I was wondering if any Guru's knew how to update the firmware of the ASmedia SATA 6G controller that is on many of our z77 Boards ? UFD Format Tool Star 1.43AFlash Ranger Remover UFD Upgrade Tool Recovery Tool For UFD .03Alcor MP_UFD . UFD MDFormat Ap UFD Utility (Teclast)Alcor UFD Manufacture Program 1.12BAlcor Micro UFD MP Flash Micro SD MP Alcor Die Sorting Tool .00Alcor Change PID-VID Rework MDAlcor 6386 UFD Manufacture Program 2.07Volume Checker Jet Flash m Format-A Utility 4.15a Transcend Alcor MP V15 Online Recovery Alcor MP JF620 Online Recovery Alcor MP Jet Flash Online Recovery Recovery USB 1.5ASSK-F U Disk Repair Tool 1.1PQI Fixer Dr. G14FD313Mymc 2.6Acronis Clean Up Utility 15.0.963O&O Shut Up10 1.0.1344Destroy Windows Spying (DWS) 1.5.314rec ALL 15.09a0Drive Cleanup 1.1USB Safely Remove Bad Blocks 1.00Flash Drive Information Extractor 1.4FAKEFLASHTEST 1.1.1Flash Drive Tester 1.14Flash Genius 3.9My Disk Test 3.00 Alpha 3i Star 1.9HUSB Flash Disk Format Tool Flash Disk Format Tool Flash Disk Utility 2.04USB Flash Disk Utility Steno 2.0 Flash Disk Utility 1.20Urescue Utility LFormat Apacer Format Tool 1.2Repair Tool Tool Tool Tool Flash Drive Mini Formatter 1.5Imation Flash Drive Pivot Formatter Imation Flash Drive SWivel Formatter Imation Formatter for Swivel Pro-2 1.06Flash GO! NET 7.1.5676Fab's Auto Backup DC-Unlocker 1.00.0460HUAWEI Calculator Huawei Data Card Unlocker 1.1HUAWEI Modem 3.5HUAWEI Modem 3.0HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer 1.0Huawei Modem Terminal 0.32Huawei Modem Unlocker 1.1Huawei Unlock Code Calculator S920/Voda Shit Sola GSM Calc 0.4Un Lock Huawei Modem Service Tool 700Canon Service Tool 1050Canon Service Tool 3400Canon Service Tool 2000Canon Service Tool 3600Print Help Service Utility 4.30Power Tool 4.6Easy service optimizer 1.1Font Detect Exif Annihilator 1.2Exif Pilot 4.7.2Exif Tool 9.99Exiftool GUI 5.16My Home Lib Maker Editor Film New 4.4.1Clip Mate Keys Z Tweaker 0.3.2Active X Compatibility Manager 1.00My Popup Killer 1.26Turn Flash 2.10Goog Rank Cmd 1.01Addr View 1.01Goog Rank 1.01Iden Switch 1.01MIMEView 1.10Tags Report 1.00Win Mess Control Now 1.1 SNRemove 1.00Explorestart 1.00File Date Changer 1.1 Folders Report 1.21GACView 1.11IECompo 1.00Injected DLL 1.00JRView 1.00Startup Run 1.22Start Blue Screen 1.00Java Script Animator 1.10NK2View 1.43Zip Installer 1.21Win Explorer 1.30Exe Info 1.01pc ANYWHERE Hosts Scanner 1.00.0001Wireless Connection Info 1.10Simple WMIView 1.07Security Soft View 1.00Executed Programs List 1.05Firmware Tables View 1.01Hot Keys List 1.00Task Scheduler View 1.00PPSSPP There you can see the exact Device ID of your on-board ASMedia 106x SATA Controller (DEV_0611 or DEV_0612).

I presume the method is similar/identical to that which we use to update the INTEL OROM as discussed in this thread, by following Fernando's great instructions here However the device ID's will obviously be different.I've just purchased a ASrock z77 extreme4 board to take advantage of TRIM in Win7 and have just modded the bios for the latest Intel OROM, but then it got me thinking about updating the ASmedia controller aswell. K Un Packer 1.0Armadillo 6.x HWID Changer Confuser 1.9 Anti-tamper tool No Fuser Ex 1.0Un Confuser Ex 1.0AT4RE Patcher 0.4u PPP.0.8Blue Stacks Net Blocker 1.03VivaldiµTorrent DC++ r503.181884K Video Downloader 4.64Guardant Novex Envelope Killer 1.4Wannabe UIF 1.1Sh4Do VV Thinstall 2.4x - 2.5x Extractor PS Tray Factory 3.2AM-Dead Link 4.7Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool 1.0Adobe Reader DC and Acrobat DC Cleaner Tool 4.0Adobe Shockwave Player Web Player Microsoft Visual C++ 20153. M2209Corsair Flash Voyager Utility PL-2515 Ez Recover Tool {for Prolific}Prolific PL-2515 Ez Recover Tool {for Storm Blue}Prolific PL-2515 Ez Recover Tool {for CANYON}Prolific PL-2515 Ez Recover Tool {to Corsair}Prolific PL-2515 Ez Recover Tool {to Buffalo}Prolific USB 2.0 Flash Drive Utility 1.8Prolific USB Flash Disk Format Utility for SONY USB Flash Disk Utility QS UFD Recovery Tool R02.00Run Disk UR22 Initization Program 1.24Run Disk UR24 Initization Program 1.24Run Disk UR25 m Format 2.101Run Disk UR26 Format Management Tool Disk UR30 UR31 UR28 Disk Manager 1.0Run Disk Manager X2 2.0.6Run Disk UR22 Manager X 2.21Run Disk UR24 Manager X 2.13Sandisk U3 Launchpad Removal Program U3 Uninstall USB Drive Test Tool 1.0King Store Manufacture Tool Go MPTool2 Go MPTool 2.8Silicon Go MPTools i Pad Charger 0.31Winya G6103 UFD DGMPTool 2.17.3Winya G6103 UFD STDMPTool 2.16a DM8233 Partition 2.5DM8233 QCTool 1.6DM8261 Partition 1.8DM8261 QCTool2 1.0YS8231 MPTool 0 - PVAC YS UDisk AP UDisk AP (Maxell)Teclast YS8231 Cool Flash Disk Format Tool APO 0.9.2Peace (Peter's Equalizer APO Configuration Extension) Analyzer & Cleaner 1.24Priva Zer 2.37Big Fix Removal Utility Cezurity Antivirus Remover Rising Password Reset Tool AVG Remover 2015Panda 2015 Uninstaller Quick Heal 16 Removal Tool IObit Unlocker 1.1Qemu Simple Boot 1.3Q-Dir 6.15Lock Dismount USB 2.1.714Fbinst Tool 1.606FFSJ (File Splitter and Joiner) 3.3Hashcat-GUI 0.5.1KMSAuto Lite Portable 1.2.1Garbage Collector 1.3.0Universal keygen for Nevo Soft games 1.03Charles 3.11b4Jet Brains Re Sharper Ultimate 2015.2Re Sharper 9.2Re Sharper C++ 1.1dot Cover 3.2dot Peek 1.5dot Trace 6.2dot Memory 4.4Team City Add-in 9.2Install Shield Cabinet File Viewer!Micro Formatter 2.0Imation Formatter for Swivel Pro 1.015Imation Bio-Swipe Formatter Flash Drive Pocket, Cool and Nano Formatter 2.09Auto Format 1.8\KINGMAX UFD Recovery Tool Stick Formatter 2.5Netac Flash Drive Toolbox 6.0Silicon Power UFD Recover Tool 5Silicon Power UFD Recover Tool 6D-Soft Flash Doctor v1.0.4 RC1Joke On Disk Size 1.000Martik USB Disk Formatter 1.1My Disk Fix alpha2PQI Dr.

updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951-53updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951-17updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951-63

UFD v1.0.0408.0PQI Recovery Tool for Tiffy M0611PQI Recovery Tool M0816 Run App Format SDFix2G 1.0.8Toshiba SD Memory Card Format Trans Memory Secure Fix-Capacity Tool 1.0.6 FC Mp Tool .

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