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If your instance does not have access to the Internet, you need to configure NTP to query a different server in your private network to keep accurate time.

The following items are the ID numbers and titles of a subset of issues fixed between Lab VIEW 8.2.1 and Lab VIEW 8.5.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is configured by default on Amazon Linux instances, and the system time is synchronized with a load-balanced pool of public servers on the Internet and set to the UTC time zone. Amazon Linux instances are set to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone by default, but you may wish to change the time on an instance to the local time or to another time zone in your network.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is configured by default on Amazon Linux instances; however, an instance needs access to the Internet for the standard NTP configuration to work.

You will find this information, along with workarounds to known issues in Lab VIEW 8.5, in the Lab VIEW 8.5 readme file (linked below).

If I copy a single-process Variable in the project tree, and then edit the library using the multiple variable editor, the variable will have the default network variable attributes set in the multi-column listbox Back to Top For more information on Lab VIEW 8.5, view the Lab VIEW 8.5 Readmes.

A consistent and accurate time reference is crucial for many server tasks and processes.

Most system logs include a time stamp that you can use to determine when problems occur and in what order the events take place.

In addition, your instance's security group rules must allow outbound UDP traffic on port 123 (NTP), and your network ACL rules must allow both inbound and outbound UDP traffic on port 123.

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The procedures in this section show how to verify that the default NTP configuration is working correctly.

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