Updating multiple rows

I have a data dump in Excel that consists of annual customer data for two different values. I have a method which takes a second to implement but is far more understandable and very easy to adjust depending on various other possibilities.

The data was provided with a separate row for value for every year and customer. it looks like this: I'm stuck with a row for Customer 1 for Value A in 2009 and a year. In the example above, you can see that Customer 1 has no Value B in 2011, so no row was generated for that. In the example you've given above, paste these (4) functions into the cells, E2, F2, G2 and H2, respectively (the F&G functions reference cells above): Drag these formulae as far down as necessary.

I want to get this into a worksheet where there's Sub test() 'define variables Dim Row Num as long, Last Row As long 'turn off screen updating Application. Select 'For loop for all rows in selection with cells For Each Row In Selection With Cells 'if customer name matches If Cells(Row Num, 1) = Cells(Row Num + 1, 1) Then 'and if customer year matches If Cells(Row Num, 4) = Cells(Row Num + 1, 4) Then 'move attribute 2 up next to attribute 1 and delete empty line Cells(Row Num + 1, 3).

Screen Updating = False 'start below titles and make full selection of data Row Num = 2 Last Row = Cells. Copy Destination:=Cells(Row Num, 3) Rows(Row Num + 1). Delete End If End If End With 'increase rownum for next test Row Num = Row Num + 1 Next Row 'turn on screen updating Application.

Continuing to the last post, today we will see how can we use these checkboxes to get selected rows from the Grid View in a Post Back in ASP. We will use the same example we used in our last example where we have populated a Grid View with 10 students.

We will add a Delete button at the bottom of the Grid View and handle the Button’s click event handler to get all selected rows of the Grid View and display them to the user for confirmation.

I literally want the data structured differently in the worksheet.

Screen Updating = True End Sub This will run through a sorted spreadsheet and combine consecutive rows that match both the customer and the year and delete the now empty row.

The spreadsheet must be sorted the way you've presented it, customers and years ascending, Sub Combine Rows Revisited() Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer For Each c In Range("A2", Cells(Cells.

Friends, In my last post I explained how easily we can add a Check Box column to a Grid View in Asp. Having a Check Box column in Grid View, now we can select multiple records from the Grid View.

We can now write some piece of code with the help of which we can perform multiple actions on the selected rows, like deleting the records, updating records etc.

And, though not represented in the example, some clients will have no data for either value in a year (and thus no row for that customer in that year). It generates a single row of data each time 2 rows are present, leaving single rows unaffected.

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In that situation, lacking a row for that customer in that year is fine. Paste special the values (to remove the formulas) of columns E-F-G-H elsewhere and sort them by customer to remove all the extra rows.

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