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Some days ago i read about "Spring 3.1 M1: Cache Abstraction". Cache-Control headers problem after updating Spring from 3.0.2 to 3.0.1 release Hello I have a problem with Cache-Control headers after updating Spring from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. Problem with no-cache setting in Web Content Generator I am configuring file downloading from Internet Explorer over SSL and have ran into the following problem.

I am using the Eh Cache Manager Factory Bean, in the springmodules-cache package i noticed it only supports Blocking Cache out of the box?? If you need support for Gemstone I'll suggest you create an issue in JIRA ( ) with a brief (but clear) explanation of what ...

M1 and cache abstraction using ehcache and @Cacheable annotation. Spring Security3.5 Authorisation Cache Problem Hi everyone, We are using spring security 3.5 for authorisation purpose only.

We use j2ee container for authentication and donot rely on spring for authentication and ... I am working with spring framework and Gigaspaces (7.1.4).

Possible Declaritive Caching Bug It seems that the Method Map Caching Interceptor is executing for both the caching interceptors and the flushing interceptors 2006-06-08 ,625 DEBUG [org.springmodules.cache.interceptor.caching.

I have a jsp form that has two submit buttons; save and reset.

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The form submits to a Simple Form Controller with the following on Submit method: Code: public Model And View on Submit(...) throws ... Hi, I've just come accross what seems to me, to be rather odd behaviour when using a Row Mapper Result Reader.

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