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On the Map screen I show the distance to the cache -- this is most important.

In the other box I show the EPE (Estimated Position Error -- Garmin may call this "GPS Accuracy").

Don't worry about what it means, just make sure it's set to this Next, if your unit permits, configure the data displayed in the boxes at the bottom (or top on some units) of the screen (see the Figure).

Most units let you put almost anything you want in these data boxes.

My unit has another screen that's supposed to look like a highway and I guess you're expected to try to walk on the highway to get to the destination -- phhhht! Most units have an alarm to alert you if you've lost satellite data.

Be sure it's turned on so you don't find yourself following bogus readings.

So, now I say, you need to figure out which display works best for you -- the Map or the mock compass. I think the map screen on the blue Legend doesn't work so well. My unit has a fair degree of configurability, so I hide the compass, the highway and a couple of other screens I don't use for geocaching and don't want to have to leaf through to get to the screens do I use. It's fun to check your speedometer against your GPSr's speed reading about twice, then that screen's just in your way. The two other screens I check occasionally are the one that displays the current coordinates (called the "Position" screen on my unit), and the one that shows your satellite pattern and signal strength ( it's called, appropriately enough, the Satellite screen, and on mine it also shows battery condition).

This may account for why Garmin users (who often began with this unit) prefer the mock compass. On the Garmin the current coordinates are also shown on the Satellite screen.

[For a more complete explanation of EPE Click Here.] On the Position screen I show the EPE again, and the Bearing -- I'll explain why later.

I haven't been able to understand why they prefer it -- perhaps the Map screen isn't as useful on Garmin units.

But I know this, it's a mistake to ignore the weight of that kind of experience. Update: I now use a Garmin 60CSx and the map screen works even better on it.

But, for now you need to set your GPSr's north reference to "Magnetic North." [Note: Some offset/multi caches require you set it to True North -- read the instructions for such caches which use Bearing carefully.

The primary screen I use for finding caches is the "Map" screen -- the Map may be called the Plotter on some units. As you get close to the cache your display becomes more important -- that's exactly when this compass starts spinning, reversing and in general goes nuts.

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