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Updating your nim base os

(it is OK, we do not need simages=yes, because it is only a TL update lpp_source not a base install) (removed duplicate (superseded) as in step 3) 6.Update TL6_SP6_base with TL7_SP3_update smitty nim - update TARGET lpp_source TL6_SP6_base SOURCE of Software to Add TL7_SP3_update SOFTWARE Packages to Add [all] After this TL6_SP6_base was renamed, because it contains now everything.Download a TL level and create an lpp_source from it + check (remove) duplicate filesets -creating an lpp_source from TL update directory nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/nim/lppsource/530004 TL5304 (it can warn us, that simages attribute can not be set, so it can not be used for BOS install (it is a TL update only), it is OK) -checking and removing duplicate filesets nim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags=rub TL5304 (r:remove, u:update filesets, b:base levels) 3.

I copied 2 AIX DVDs into 1 directory: cp -prh /iso/installp/ppc/* /nim/lppsource/TL6_SP6_base (for both DVDs) 2. (remove operation will NOT occur) yes REMOVE DUPLICATE software yes REMOVE SUPERSEDED updates yes REMOVE LANGUAGE software no PRESERVE language [C] REMOVE NON-SIMAGES software no SAVE removed files no DIRECTORY for storing saved files [] EXTEND file systems if space needed? Downloaded from Fix Central and then copied TL update filesets to NIM (It was TL7 SP3) 5.lpp_source creation smitty nim - define a resource (lpp_source) Resource Name [TL6_SP6_base] Resource Type lpp_source Server of Resource [master] Location of Resource [/nim/lppsource/TL6_SP6_base] then it showed this: ... Create lpp_source from TL update direcory Resource Name [TL7_SP3_update] Resource Type lpp_source Server of Resource [master] Location of Resource [/nim/lppsource/TL7_SP3_update] then it showed this: warning: 0042-267 c_mk_lpp_source: The defined lpp_source does not have the "simages" attribute because one or more of the following packages are missing: bos [email protected]: / # lsnim -l 5300-TL_00_to_08_works 5300-TL_00_to_08_works: class = resources type = lpp_source arch = power Rstate = ready for use prev_state = unavailable for use location = /nim/lppsource/5300-TL_00_to_08_works simages = yes showres = show contents of a resource lslpp = list LPP information about an object check = check the status of a NIM object lppmgr = eliminate unnecessary software images in an lpp_source update = add or remove software to or from an lpp_source nim -o showres lpp5300 lists filesets in the lpp_source nim -Fo check checks and rebuilds the file, and determines if all files are included for simages=yes nim -o remove lpp5300 removes the lpp_source object (the object definitions will be removed but the directory/filesets remain) nim -o lppmgr 1.Replicating a base level lpp_source (and give the name lpp5304, what we will extend with other filesets later) using a lpp_source (lpp5300) as source: nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=lpp5300 -a location=/nim/lppsource/lpp5304 lpp5304 using a directory (pathname) as a source: nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=/nim/lppsource/lpp5300 -a location=/nim/lppsource/lpp5304 lpp5304 ----- another way if we don't give the "source": nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/nim/lpp_sources/OSFilesets/bb/DVD_1/installp/ppc 5300-08_bb (here the "location" already existing directory, and the filesets will not be copied to anywhere, only the nim object will be created) ----- 2.A nice feature of this tool is the NIM Alternate Disk Migration (nimadm) facility.

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Using this tool, as you will soon see, allows you to perform your AIX migrations without the need for lengthy outages. +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ Pre-installation Verification... +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ Verifying selections..Verifying requisites..Results...install_all_updates: Generating list of updatable rpm packages.

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