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Dispose() End Sub Public Sub New() End Sub Public Sub New(By Val num As Integer) Me. My Class(ref) 'When form is submitted Public Sub submit Form(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

The subit Form() sub is the same one that I use to create a new row and it takes those values fine.

Execute Non Query() Msg Box("Transaction Recorded.") txtmem_id.

This class correctly handles reading, creating, and deleting from the database. I took the update script directly from the Microsoft SQL database, but I cannot figure it out. Now #End Region Public Sub Save() Dim sql Conn As New Sql Connection(sql Conn String) sql Conn. Exists Then save Command = "UPDATE [Database].[Table] SET [name] = @name,[content] = @content,[date_updated] = @date_updated WHERE ref = @ref" Else save Command = "INSERT INTO [Database].[Table] ([name],[content],[date_updated],[ref]) VALUES(@name,@content,@date_updated,@ref)" End If Dim set Cmd As New Sql Command(save Command, sql Conn) set Cmd.

ID Else Dim count Cmd As New Sql Command("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [DWM-Data SQL].[dbo].[biglots]", sql Conn) Me.

Open() End Sub Private Sub Button8_Click(By Val sender As System. Text & " ;" j = "SELECT ID FROM books WHERE ID=" & txtbook_id. Text & "', '" & "Borrowed" & "', '" & txtborrow_from.

Connection String = str Connection String cnn OLEDB. Click i = "SELECT Lib_Book1, Lib_Book2, Lib_Book3 FROM members WHERE ID=" & txtmem_id. Command Text = "UPDATE books SET Borrowed_By, Bk_Status, Bk_From, Bk_Due = '" & txtmem_id.

And have a look at the part where you got the values from. NET [email protected] Schmelter I understand that but I don't know why my other values aren't going in.

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Then you should post the code where you assign the values to the parameters.

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