Wapchat malaysia

Wapchat malaysia

Reza, who has become known as the country's Banksy, pleaded not guilty to the charges.Whats App has the habit of sneakily delivering new features without you ever realising it. But not to the point of being rude with an all caps ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME message.Last month, a 19-year-old man was sentenced to a year in prison for insulting the Johor royal family on Facebook.

And finally to strikethrough your text, add ~ before and after the word, so you'll get ~Hey~ Unfortunately, it's only available to i OS users for now but the update should roll out for Android phones pretty soon.

If your i OS-loving friends start sending you messages with *, _ and ~ mixed in, at least you know what they're trying to do.

Their latest update brings a bunch of super useful features that you need to known about, including disabling read receipts at last. Instead, just bold your text to bring more attention to what you're saying, or be a bit more subtle and italics certain parts of your message.

Let us educate you on the other features hiding in the nooks and crannies of Whats App. Also, be a little snarky and do a strikethrough when you intend to express a sorry, not sorry message to your friends.

This isn't exactly new but it's high time Whats App added the feature. Second, the recepient must update their Whats App to the latest version, else it'll trigger a failure to send notification.

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A recent update allows you to send documents to fellow Whats Appers. So remember, it pays to always update your Whats App to the latest version.

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