White supremacy online dating costa rica dating site all

White supremacy online dating

People of different races are all guilty of it in various ways. The belief that dating a black girl or a Latina isn’t as good as dating a white girl is entirely messed up.

For her, white equals good, black equals bad and brown is mediocre — not based on her experience with black and white people (since she hardly knows any), but because that’s the world she’s lived in since forever. I can remember my mom and aunt warning me not to date Latinas because “we’re all bitches,” and though I’d had crushes on Latinas early on, I didn’t date one till I was a senior in high school, and even then we weren’t exclusive.

I don’t think it had anything to do with what I’d been told — not solely, anyway.

But there were also ideas in my head that could’ve been part of white supremacy.

White supremacy isn’t just a skinhead thing, you know. Holding up a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl as the highest standard of beauty is itself an ugly thing.

During a discussion at Northwestern last October, author Junot Díaz brought up the role of white supremacy in dating preferences.

Yet, here it was again, and so I guess it’s an issue I’m urged to muddle through.

Like any decent, hardworking, pious immigrant, my grandma is a borderline racist.

She’s not racist in the intentional sense, meaning she doesn’t consider herself a racist and would punch me in the mouth for saying so.

She’s racist in the traditional sense, in the “como debe ser” sort of way.

Or, as he pointed out, to look at all the black athletes with white trophy wives.

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It was a topic I’d pitched to Gozamos’ Lifestyle editor but, for whatever reason, decided not to write about.

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