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Who is ally dawson dating

The show is returning for Season 4 on Sunday, January 18 (8/7c) with all new episodes, the Disney Channel revealed on Dec. To check out the first on-set pic from Season 4, click through the gallery (above) to see the whole crew! Does she ever get sick of everyone asking if she’s dating Ross?! I love that they love Austin and Ally so much that they see it in real life as well! “I’d like her to just be happy both personally and professionally,” Laura tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY. ” Laura chatted with Hollywood at the end of Season 3, and she told us why they make such a cute couple: “Ross has blond hair. Austin and Ally have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a few weeks now and this far only Trish, Dez and their families know about it.

Holly head away to her locker."Moon-boy, have you totally lost your fuckin' little mind, eh? " says Annaley Gold in her sassy egocentric voice as she walk past Austin and Ally."Hey, don't speak about my girlfriend like that! You're my awesome girlfriend." says Austin with a smile."I'm no cheerleader like Annaley Gold." says Ally as she giggle a little."No, you're not. You're a sweet girl with a huge talent for music." says Austin as he pull Ally into a nice warm hug."Awwww, soo sweet and romantic! They are in love and to them that's what's important.

Thanks so much for defending my sweet honor, Austie." says Ally as she give Austin a small kiss."My pleasure, Ally-Cat. Both Ally and Austin don't care what people think about them though.

Annaley gives Austin an angry glare and walk away."Awwww! The rest of the day, all the students at school are either surprised and happy or sad and angry about the fact that Austin and Ally are dating.

Let's go." says Chyna."Good luck, girls." says Austin."Hello there!

Such a major surprise." says Holly Ruthford in her strong Scottish accent as she walk over to Austin and Ally."Why does everyone think it's so totally unexpected that Austin choose to date me? Most people thinks that you are not exactly Austin's type of girl." says Holly."Oh, but I am Austin's kind of girl.

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“I just want her to be very happy with her career because that’s what she’s been working towards since season one. “And he’s so committed to how much he loves music and he’s definitely a really hard worker.

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